The first one

Aug. 1, 2012
Let's have a chat to the sound of spent peanut casings crunching on the floor

This blog kicks off the first post in what is to be a month of blogging every day in August (known to some on the web as BEDA, though I'll be modifying the tradition slightly to blog every weekday in August). Not only is a project like blogging every day a good writer’s exercise, It will help get this brand new blog section underway with an influx of posts.

Let me start, as is mannerly, with an introduction—although technically, I’ve already started. And therein is the nature of this blog; because where manners are concerned, I’m an elbows on the table kind of individual anyway. Sure, if we go to a nice place in Chicago or D.C., I’ll go napkin-on-the-lap and use the proper forks, but for the most part, I’d be better suited to have a craft beer with you at one of those places where people throw peanuts shells on the floor.

So let’s think of this blog in that way; a place where you and I have a seat together and discuss whatever it is that piqued our interest on or off the job that day, while sipping a cold beverage of your choice and listening to the crunch of spent peanut casings around us. We will talk about light-hearted things (for example, this fierce feline that lost its way), heart-felt things (such as this great video that includes Paul Harvey's radio piece on what it is to be an officer from “The Rest of the Story”), or things that make our blood pressures go up (like the the statement that inspired this great blog post from Editor-in-Chief Frank Borelli). 

If you’ve got thoughts on what we should talk about this month (or what beverage I should be sure to have waiting), leave it in the comments below.

Oh, and as for that introduction: My name is Tabatha Wethal and I am lead editor for Law Enforcement Technology magazine,’s sister publication. Since 2007, I’ve been putting my background of more than eight years in writing and editing on topics including science, technology and the law to work for our group.



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