Paying on Playing Palin

Oct. 31, 2008

Karen Bune
Victimology Contributor

On October 23, 2008 exotic dancers from across the country converged upon Las Vegas with the specific intent to compete in a Sarah Palin look-alike contest at The Paradise Club and hosted by Mr. Jeff Beacher. The philosophy behind this idea was prompted by recognition of the fact that Ms. Palin had, years ago, competed as a Beach Queen and took home the Miss Congeniality Award in 1984 in the Alaska Pageant. The ladies, with their svelte bodies, were required to wear bathing suits and participate in a debate. “The guests will cast their votes based on the contestants debating skills in addition to how well they match up to Sarah Palin in a swimsuit, said Mr. Bill Denniston, General Manager of the Paradise Club. The strippers strutted down a catwalk in their skimpy bikinis and high platform stilettos sashaying their hips, wiggling their visible bare-skinned derrieres, and jiggling their silicone induced, oversize melons. They had the moves of strippers and some—more than others-- the noticeable facial similarities, hairdo, and bespectacled look of Sarah Palin. The ladies faced an attentive audience including at least one man, from a distance, who was trying to get a better look with binoculars while the males in the front row closest to the Palin look-alikes were taking it all in with noticeable pleasure. One dancer held up a “Hockey Mom†sign while another had a sign with the word “Maverick†posted on her rear end. Attempting to outdo the likes of Tina Fey, who has been a real hit with her improvisations on television’s “Saturday Night Live,†the strippers wanted to win the contest which had a prize of $10,000.00 and more along with a trip to Washington, D. C. in 2009 for the inauguration plans. The ultimate lucky winner was contestant #5, Kimberly Jones, of Las Vegas. Tina Fey likely grimaced in noticing the striking parallel between the looks of Ms. Jones and the real Sarah Palin. Now, Ms. Kimberly will be coming to the nation’s capitol in January 2009. For certain, one thing is a proven fact--strippers are obviously multi-talented in more ways than one. And, the real Sarah Palin can just sit back and enjoy a good hearty laugh over it all.

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