Dr. Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., B.C.F.T., C.F.A., C.L.S.

Dr. Ron Martinelli, serves as our firm’s chief litigation consultant, police/corrections practices expert and trial specialist. Dr. Martinelli is Team Leader for the nation’s only civilian multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations and Independent Review Team comprised of forensic homicide investigators, scientists, physicians and forensic experts.

Dr. Martinelli  has an impressive and diverse law enforcement and forensic background in police, corrections, probation and private security practices and training. He also has a diverse background and expertise in psychophysiology, human factors, mental health disorders and serious psychomedical presentations leading to in-custody death. Among Dr. Martinelli’s many qualifications include:

  • Federal/State Courts qualified expert – Police/Corrections practices since 1993 (See areas below)
  • Over 35 years of active law enforcement training and consulting experience to over 300 law enforcement agencies, criminal justice training centers, social service agencies, public safety agencies and municipalities
  • Over 22 years experience as active police officer and detective
  • Team Leader – Multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team
  • Certified Force Analyst (CFA), Officer-Involved Shootings, Force Science Institute®, Minnesota State University
  • Certified Force Investigator, Los Angeles Police Department, Force Investigations Division
  • AELE – Certified Litigation Specialist in Police and Corrections Practices (CLS)
  • NCCM – AAETS – Board Certified in Forensic Traumatology (BCFT)
  • Diplomate, National Center for Crisis Management and American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Fellow – American College of Forcesic Examiners (ACFEI), National Presenter (FACFEI)
  • IPICD – Certified Forensic Analyst and Instructor, Sudden In-Custody Death
  • Member – International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners
  • Member – Association of Security and Investigative Specialists International (ASIS) No. 306956
  • CA State Bar Approved Instructor, Firearms, Self-Defense & Deadly Force, 2014
  • Distinguished Faculty – Lorman Educational Services, Police Practices, Civil Rights, Forensic Investigations, Use of Force/Excessive Force, TASER related injuries, Psychomedical Issues
  • Instructor, Excited/Agitated Delirium & Sudden In-Custody Death, Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Death
  • 35 year state approved law enforcement instructor in all areas of weaponized and non-weaponized uses of force: firearms, less lethal munitions, TASER, chemical agents/OC pepper spray, impact weapons/baton, Arrest & Control Tactics (ACT), Unarmed Defensive Tactics (UDT) and weaponless defense
  • Instructor and subject matter expert in over 30 separate police/corrections practice methodologies
  • Former Special Investigator (retained), City of Riverside, CA – Officer-Involved Shootings and In-Custody Death
  • Attorney General Offices’ Forensic Police Practices Expert, AK, NV, NM, NE, ILL, WV
  • Police and Corrections Practices Expert – for a number of law enforcement municipal and state agencies in CA, AK, NV, CO, NM, NE, WV, FL, ILL, OH, NY
  • Law Enforcement Practices Expert – Judge Advocate General, United States Marine Corps
  • Expert/Consultant – Riverside County (CA); Modoc County (CA) District Attorney’s Office
  • Active Member – California District Attorneys Association
  • Former CA POST accredited police/corrections academy director
  • Former Division Dean of Criminal Justice, CA Criminal Justice Training Center
  • Adjunct Professor – Forensic Science, Masters degree program, National University
  • Former Professor – Forensic Psychology, Masters degree program, Argosy University
  • Former Professor – Criminology, California Polytechnic State Univ. – San Luis Obispo
  • Active Member & Presenter – International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILETTA)
  • Contributing Writer – POLICE Magazine, PORAC News, Law & Order Magazine, Police & Security Magazine, Tactical Solutions Magazine, Law Enforcement Executive Research Forum, USA Today
  • Contributing Forensic Expert – FOX News, CNN, One America News Network, Discovery Channel, Investigations Discovery Channel, History Channel, numerous local and regional news services
  • 90%+ success rate in law enforcement and civil rights litigation cases involved in as expert

Dr. Martinelli is an experienced police and corrections practices expert qualified in Federal and State Courts and is skilled in criminal investigations, forensics, forensic interviewing, incident reconstruction, evidence gathering, discovery and event analysis. He also analyzes and experts on cases involving premises liability and security.

Dr. Martinelli has an excellent track record of successfully experting for law enforcement agencies, states, municipalities; and civilian plaintiffs and accused parties during all stages of litigation or trial. He is an articulate author of forensic reports, and a skilled orator in the courtroom who is able to explain complex issues in ways that juries and jurists find easy to understand. Dr. Martinelli possesses a unique combination of field experience and academic credentials that attorneys, courtroom and media audiences find impressive.

Recognized and respected by attorneys, judges and his expert witness peers as an impartial and ethical fact finder, Dr. Martinelli has significant experience experting for advocates from civil defense, plaintiff, prosecution and criminal defense positions. As his resume indicates and his many clients can attest, Dr. Martinelli is fully engaged on a daily basis in all aspects of the field of law enforcement, forensics, and corporate security, as well as achieving and maintaining the highest levels of education and certifications within his fields of expertise.

Additional biographical information and copies of Dr. Martinelli’s forensic articles and commentaries can be found by linking with him at www.LinkedIn.com/ronmartinelli