Therm-App - Android Thermal Camera for Law Enforcement

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Being able to see in the dark is vital to any law enforcement officer and having the ability to see threats during nighttime operations can mean the difference between life and death.

In recent years, thermal imaging technology has found its place among police forces around the world, but handheld thermal cameras were usually too expensive to the common police officer.

Now you can afford a professional thermal imaging camera that would allow you to scan a perimeter and identify threats up to 1,500 meters.

Therm-App™ is the first professional thermal camera that clips on to almost any Andorid-based device, smartphone or tablet. It provides superb image quality of 384x288 pixels and with a range of lenses and accessories, this device can be adapted to different needs based on mission types and environmental factors.

This unique thermal surveillance camera improves effectiveness in the field. The Therm-App™ application allows you to choose from several color pallets, record images and videos and share them easily in real time from your device, therefore providing mission-critical information which can save lives, when it matters the most.

Unlike traditional SLS devices, Therm-App™ can operate in complete darkness and provide you with clear image of hot objects, be it human, animal or a vehicle from a safe distance.


Therm-App™ is offered now online for a limited time price. Why stay in the dark? Get your Therm-App™ device today at

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