Product News: 22 Security & Surveillance Products

Feb. 24, 2020
A collection of Security & Surveillance products as featured in the Law Enforcement Product News February 2020 issue.

According to research conducted by Genetec, outdated firmware puts nearly 70% of cameras open to attach due to outdated firmware (December 2019, What better time to think further on security, surveillance - and the security of your surveillance tools. 

It's probably a safe bet that when the typical person thinks of the concepts "security" or "surveillance" an image of a diligent security guard holding watch behind a desk or watching a wall of monitors with live CCTV feeds. 

But the category is brimming with so much more with creative solutions, innovative technologies, and integrated systems. Sure, the security camera plays a vital role but think of threat detection by automated security gates like the Proscreen 900 and gunshot sensors like the Detect360 Active Shooter Response system or the Guardian Wireless from Shooter Detection Systems. Think of all the camears the modern law enforcement officer has available to them and the accessories that keep those devices charged - not to mention the software options to store and manage the video. 

Here are 22 Products from Security & Surveillance

As featured in the Law Enforcement Product News February 2020 issue.

High-resolution thermal security camera

The high-resolution H4 Thermal camera by Avigilon Corporation, a Motorola Solutions company, combines Avigilon technology with heat-sensing capabilities to improve perimeter security in areas with poor visibility, difficult lighting conditions and absolute darkness. The high-resolution H4 Thermal camera will enable users to see more accurately from longer distances, empowering customers with the information they need and helping ensure important details do not go unnoticed. 

Faster upload, lasts a million connection cycles

PRO-VISION Video Systems’ Single-Camera Docking Station for its BODYCAM BC-300 body-worn camera features specially-designed pogo pin connectors that are more durable—lasting for a million connection cycles—and allow for faster video upload from the camera.

Users can also connect the docking station to the mobile data computer in their vehicles to upload videos directly to the SecuraMax by PRO-VISION Cloud-Based Evidence Management Solution while on the scene.

With the ability to easily move the docking station between vehicles or use the dock in the station, the BODYCAM Single-Camera Docking Station combines unrivaled flexibility with industry-leading product design to make it one of the most reliable, simple, and affordable body-worn camera docking stations on the market. 

Threat detection solution

Metrasens’ mass casualty threat detection solution, Proscreen 900 Plus, bolsters the company’s ferromagnetic screening product line and provides a higher level of security for stadiums, arenas, event venues, hotels, campuses and other areas where security is paramount.

Proscreen 900 Plus demonstrates Metrasens’ commitment to innovation in the security sector and focus on delivering screening and detection technology backed by rigorous weapons testing and analysis. The result is high throughput, highly effective detection of large mass casualty threat items without the burden of divestiture.

In detailed weapons testing against a series of long barreled firearms, the dual-screening methodology of Proscreen 900 Plus demonstrates an unmatched detection rate and throughput rate of 50-60 individuals screened per minute (3,000–3,600 per hour). With Proscreen 900 Plus, the screeners are placed at the outer perimeter of a facility or venue, detecting potential threats before any attacker can reach security chokepoints.

Maintaining Metrasens’ signature portability and battery-powered operation, Proscreen 900 Plus is a versatile solution for use in a wide variety of CONOPS. Customers will benefit from Metrasens’ high level of support, including site evaluations and assessments in working with partners and their business.

In addition to detection capabilities and deployment versatility, Proscreen 900 Plus offers unobtrusive integration into its surroundings so as not to disrupt the atmosphere of its environment. This feature will appeal particularly to customers where subtlety is essential in maintaining a positive guest experience. 

IR zoom camera

The Zistos HD IR Zoom Camera is a self-illuminated, high definition, day/night, zoom camera with an impressive 10x optical zoom—making it well suited for tactical applications. It operates in color mode with illumination turned off and in BW mode with illumination on. Part of the suite of wireless ZistosHD systems, the camera supports full 1080P high resolution, providing sharp detailed images. The 10X IR Zoom has a rugged, non-conductive, waterproof housing, image stabilizer, and an internal microphone. 

Gunshot detection combines with notification tech

Johnson Controls’ Detect360 Active Shooter Response (ASR) system combines reliable gunshot detection with notification technology to provide immediate warning when a gunshot is fired within a building. By providing early notification and precise location of the shooter, the ASR system gives occupants time to find safety and allows police and security personnel to mitigate the threat up to 60% faster.

Detect360 Active Shooter Response uses acoustic sensors with multiple microphones to detect the sound of gunfire. Advanced algorithms then analyze the acoustic signature to confirm the sound was produced by a gun. Using information from the sensor closest to the gunshot, the system displays the location of the shooter on a map-based graphical user interface (GUI), which can also display audio and video of the incident. Detect360 ASR provides building occupants with safety and evacuation instructions while automatically communicating with emergency services and mass notification systems, prompting a quick response by law enforcement.

Detect360 ASR gives first responders information as it develops at the scene, including shot location, number of shots, location of the shooter in near real-time and the ability to remotely monitor the situation through integrated security systems. It also collects forensic information that can later be used by law enforcement. The system supports multiple integration options, including video feeds from existing CCTV and intrusion systems, mass notification systems, access control systems and panic button/manual initiation systems.

While no technology or planning can eliminate the possibility of active shooter events, Detect360 Active Shooter Response can help shorten the duration and lessen the impact of the event. 

No network infrastructure?

Icom’s IC-SAT100, Satellite PTT radio is built for operation over the Iridium satellite “global coverage” network. The IC-SAT100 is the Icom’s first handheld (SATELLITE PTT) radio that uses a satellite communication network. Unlike satellite phones, the IC-SAT100 will provide radio services to a number of users with a push of the transmit (PTT) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote isolated areas where there are no mobile phones or landline network infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, remote islands, and desert areas. Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, satellite communication can provide a stable backup independent from other networks.

The Iridium satellite network covers the whole earth including both poles, and can provide wide area global communication anywhere on the planet. Using 66 Low Earth Orbit satellites, it provides low-latency communication and broader, more reliable network coverage compared to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit satellites. Communication fees are typically charged at a flat rate via a monthly plan and there is no additional call charge. (Depending on countries or areas used the satellite PTT, a flat charge plan may not be applied or the service may not available.) 

Managing your video

iNPUT-ACE video investigation software is the flagship product for Occam Video Solutions. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality makes iNPUT-ACE the video analysis and playback tool of choice for hundreds of law enforcement agencies, district attorneys’ offices, and traffic investigative units in more than a dozen countries. Occam Video Solutions provides introductory and advanced video examination courses for law enforcement investigators who use video in the course of their case work.

4K camera and Bluetooth communication headset

Sena Technologies Inc.’s. 4K camera and Bluetooth communication system, the 10C EVO, features a slimmer form factor than its predecessor the 10C PRO, along with improved camera capabilities.


  • Communication system and 4K camera
  • Four-Way Group Intercom
  • Bluetooth connectivity to take calls,
  • listen to music or turn-by-turn GPS
  • Video recording up to 4K/30 FPS quality
  • Narrate recordings with Smart Audio Mix
  • 20 Hours talk time, 1.5 hours video recording
  • Still shot, burst, or time-lapse mode
  • Video tagging creates instant highlights
  • Preview and download files via Wi-Fi 

Facial recognition paired with smart glasses

iFalcon Face Control Mobile, a fully autonomous mobile face recognition system, can work without connecting to an external datacenter, bringing face recognition capabilities whenever and wherever needed. Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are used with the iFalcon system to screen crowds to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects. Once there is a match, the solution retrieves relevant information from the database and instantly sends a visual alert to the user via the Blade’s display. iFalcon runs on an algorithm by VisionLabs, which is in the top three in terms of the recognition quality according to global ratings such as the Face Recognition Vendor Test compiled by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST FRVT) and Labelled Faces in the Wild.

Cloud-based access control system

Cloud Concierge is a powerful suite of cloud-based computing services that provides real-time monitoring, management and control of an access control system from virtually any location where there is internet access using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. The solution can be customized for integration with video surveillance, visitor management, elevator control, locks and turnstiles onto a unified platform. Cloud Concierge is offered in three configurations: on-site user-managed, remote user-managed, remote integrator managed. Cloud Concierge provides users with a highly cost-effective SaaS solution that is highly attractive to users who could not otherwise afford the capital outlay required to implement physical security solutions with this level of performance. 

A swappable 12-hour detachable battery

WatchGuard’s V300 body-worn camera is one of the first in the industry to address law enforcement’s need for cameras that remain operational beyond a 12-hour shift. Swappable battery packs, 128 GB of memory and secure wireless uploading enable it to operate continuously. The WatchGuard V300 will become part of the Motorola Solutions mission-critical ecosystem of unified voice, data, video, and analytics.

“Battery life is the single biggest issue for agencies operating body cameras,” said John Kedzierski, senior vice president of Motorola Solutions’ Video Security Solutions group. “Historically, body cameras could not be used beyond a full shift until they were charged for 4 hours. The WatchGuard V300 allows officers to snap on a spare 12-hour battery pack to seamlessly extend operation into overtime, extra shifts or part-time jobs.”

The WatchGuard V300, along with the Evidence Library Rapid Check-out Kiosk, changes how a body-worn camera program can be deployed. Cameras can be pooled between officers, so agencies may purchase fewer cameras than they have officers. A camera can be returned at the end of one shift, electronically reassigned and immediately checked out with a spare battery pack to another officer who is starting the very next shift.

Video files are encrypted on the device, and the files can be wirelessly uploaded to the WatchGuard Evidence Library cloud-based or on-premise evidence management system via wireless networks including LTE, FirstNet or Wi-Fi. Files can also be rapidly transferred using WatchGuard’s new Transfer Station II, which transfers files much faster than competing docking stations.

The WatchGuard V300 body camera can also be integrated with WatchGuard’s 4RE in-car video systems, allowing for the capture of synchronized video of an incident from multiple vantage points. Additionally, patented Record-After-the-Fact incident recovery technology, if configured, can be used to recover the video from an incident, even when a recording was not automatically triggered or the record button was not pressed. 

Access control and security management solution

System Galaxy is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution that offers unsurpassed ability to satisfy the requirements of any credential management, access control or security application. With a highly intuitive and easy to use user interface, System Galaxy offers a comprehensive portfolio of features that can be deployed in any combination to accommodate access control, alarm/event monitoring, intrusion detection, video surveillance, elevator control, identification and credential management, photo imaging and badging, time and attendance, visitor management, reporting, and more.

You have options for access now

With the Galaxy Control Systems efficient IP Intercom Entry System, users can gain entry to a facility using a traditional key fob, a PIN or a Bluetooth credential. System administrators can allow uses to enter a facility via a mobile app, apartment monitors, LCD concierge phone, or POTS line. The powerful browser-based access control solution can be used as a stand-alone product or can be integrated with access and video. 

Compact IR BW camera

The Zistos HD Ultra Low-light IR BW Camera is an infrared illuminated, black and white camera—part of a suite of components designed for the Zistos wireless ZistosHD systems. The camera supports full 1080P high resolution, which is great for image detail. With built-in IR illumination, the camera performance in total darkness is exceptional, making it essential for covert surveillance operations. It has a rugged, waterproof and submersible housing, an internal microphone, and low battery consumption. 

Real-time video streaming system

Triangle UAS LLC’s drone-mounted real-time video streaming system enhances situational awareness during disaster/accident response, and search and rescue efforts. Triangle UAS, will offer first responders, public safety officials, and smart cities a cost-effective, easy-to-use method of providing real-time video streaming from an aerial drone to remote operators or an emergency operations center via a secure Internet connection.

The Triangle UAS streaming solution consists of a compact, lightweight device that connects directly to the controller of a video-enabled drone to quickly and seamlessly encode and transmit the video stream to the Internet via 4G or Wi-Fi networks, enabling the video to be viewed in real time on multiple screens at emergency operations centers or by authorized third-party users via a secure Internet connection. In addition to the hardware device, there is a custom server software platform, and a mobile and web-based app that supports secure access for hundreds of viewers with customizable privileges and the ability to record all incoming streams from multiple video sources. The streaming solution will also support video from conventional video cameras and smartphones. 

BWC with a swappable 12-hour battery

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co.’s next generation compact and lightweight body worn camera (BWC) incorporates a unique combination of features, including a user swappable battery with up to 12 hours of life, which allows law enforcement agencies to focus on their duties and not on charging batteries. An officer can now grab and carry a swappable spare battery to go well beyond 12 hours when the mission requires.

The Panasonic BWC also features an easy to read LCD status screen to provide detailed information on the unit’s operating modes and status.

The BWC also features an enhanced field of view and 1080p HD resolution to capture the finest details. The unit can also be easily switched to 720p resolution to conserve bandwidth and recording capacity if desired. 

A pattern crime mapping, data retrieval and analysis tool

Vigilant CrimeSearch is a pattern crime mapping, data retrieval and analysis tool. When deployed with BallisticSearch, the solutions enable law enforcement to connect seemingly disparate crimes to identify patterns, expedite case closures and improve public safety.

Complementing BallisticSearch and other investigative solutions within the Motorola Solutions portfolio, CrimeSearch is a pattern crime mapping, data retrieval and analysis solution. It automates how agencies collect, associate, map and leverage law enforcement data, investigative information and forensic reporting results to advance criminal enforcement strategies and tactical operations.

Handheld multi-modal biometric identity and networking solution

Corvus Integration has made the Integrated Biometrics Five-O ten-print fingerprint scanner part of their device, the Tetrad ID Sleeve handheld multi-modal biometric identity and networking solution.

Integrated Biometrics’ (IB) Five-O is a FBI-certified FAP-50 fingerprint scanner and has rapidly gained popularity as the only truly mobile 10-print scanner. At only 4.5” x 3.25” and 3/4” thick, the Five-O packs mobile 10-finger enrollment, verification, and booking capability into a compact unit that consumes very little power and weighs less than 200 grams. No other Appendix F FBI-Certified, AFIS-compliant scanner can match FIVE-0’s mobility, performance, and form factor.

“In the Tetrad ID Sleeve, we’ve paired powerful networking functionality with the biometric capabilities most in demand today; fingerprint, face and iris,” said Jeff Kormanec, CEO of Corvus Integration. “Our choice of IB’s Five-O was pretty straightforward; it’s the smallest ten-print device on the market, which gives our users tremendous flexibility. It was also important to us that the Five-O has already established a reputation in the field as the most durable, easy to use, fingerprint scanner available.” 

Visualization tech for command and control rooms

VuWall’s VuStation visualization and control workstation has been integrated with Matrox’s Extio 3, a high-performance IP KVM extender, across four full HD displays. The KVM solution for personal video walls, VuStation enables an operator to interact seamlessly with multiple sources from a single KVM station having all critical controls and information at their fingertips. Matrox Extio 3 works as either a point-to-point or networked KVM extender and creates a scalable and cost-effective KVM matrix switching environment using standard one gigabit network switches. 

Wireless gunshot detection sensor

Shooter Detection Systems’ (SDS) wireless/battery-powered gunshot detection sensor, meets market demand for a secure and reliable dual mode wireless option that alerts building occupants and law enforcement to active shooter incidents.

Guardian Wireless sensors mirror the acoustic and infrared gunshot detection features of the company’s flagship Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection Power over Ethernet (PoE) sensors, with the addition of a lithium battery pack that negates the need for any wiring to operate the sensors. Guardian Wireless utilizes a highly secure long-range wireless technology that maintains a regular system “heartbeat,” ensuring optimum system uptime as the sensors scan the environment for gunshots while filtering out false alerts. The Guardian backend software and integrations were purposefully left unchanged in order to incorporate a combination of PoE and wireless sensors in the same deployment. Existing integrations including Genetec, Everbridge, Avigilon, and other SDS partner technologies will continue to work uninterrupted with the addition of Guardian Wireless sensors. 

HD videoscope with 180-degree articulation in every direction

The SASRAD Readyscope is one of the only high definition Videoscopes currently available for contraband search offering 180-degree articulation in all directions, interchangeable/swappable monitors with 10X zoom, damage proof tips, and field repairable articulating wires.

On-site repair capability means that damaged equipment is only out of service for a few hours. The 1280 x 720 resolution allows a super-clear image of the inside of a gas tank for example, while SASRAD’s proprietary software removes any tint from the gasoline/fuel so that the image is completely clear, so much so, that one can even see the color of any wires in the tank.

SASRAD scopes have 16 GB of memory scalable up to 128 GB, various lengths are available to suit operational requirements as is non-conductive sheathing if required.

These highly praised scopes are being widely used in the USA by CBP, DEA, US State Department, police, and exported to many countries around the world.

These Videoscopes are also available in kits combined with SAS-Hitech- Density Meter the Xpose and other tools for highway interdiction, and border security. 

High-def in-car video

10-8 Video’s LEO In-Car Video systems feature with industry-leading customer support. Recording on up to 4 channels of audio and video, simultaneously, no more choosing which camera you want to record leaving the other area unrecorded. With no locked contract, no recurring fees, no maintenance fees, no warranty fees, and no software fees, 10-8 Video also offers free lifetime software and firmware updates, and free technical support. 

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