Why Accident Reporting Doesn’t Have to be Such a Dangerous Roadside Task

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No one loves sitting in traffic, so when there’s a crash, it is in everybody’s interest to get the accident scene cleared and traffic flowing again. If you’ve ever been a police officer working the scene of an accident at a busy intersection, you’ve probably endured the honks, the glares and the rubbernecking from impatient motorists. That, you can brush off.

What’s not so easy to brush off are the conditions that can make the all-too-frequent task of accident reporting a dangerous one for officers responding to the scene. The inattentiveness of other motorists can lead to secondary accidents that put citizens and officers at risk. Every moment the accident scene remains blocked off means a higher risk of danger.

Add to that the complication of issuing citations and the ensuing work of providing citizens with the accident reports they need to file an insurance claim in a timely manner. Even minor accidents consume valuable hours that could be used for proactive policing and community involvement.

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