Deveryware Group introduces for the first time its new offers and products at the Milipol Paris 2019 exhibition dedicated to Homeland Security and Safety, which will be held from November 19 to 22 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre.

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On the occasion of the Milipol Paris 2019 exhibition dedicated to Homeland Security and Safety, which will be held from November 19 to 22 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, the Deveryware Group introduces for the first time its new offers and products. The synergy between its three subsidiaries – Tracip, OAK Branch and Resiliency, that have been recently acquired, has allowed Deveryware to diversify its activities and introduce new offers in the fields of homeland security and investigation.


Deveryware builds on its historical know-how, real-time geolocation, to kickstart a new field of expertise around data. It offers a comprehensive service platform dedicated to investigation and analysis. This new offer combines geolocation, big data and digital forensics. It relies on the group's innovative DNA and the complementary expertise of Tracip (the leading French laboratory for digital forensics) and OAK Branch (with proven expertise in big data analysis for intelligence and investigation) that have joined the group in 2018-2019. This new offer represents a new challenge: offering French law enforcement agencies powerful and comprehensive solutions to collect and analyse more data (location, digital footprints, etc.), so as to accelerate and facilitate their investigations. Those new possibilities are notably illustrated through the phone record analysis feature (detailed analysis of mobile phone bills), presented this year and which adds up to the range of data processed by the Deveryware solutions (DeveryLoc/DeveryLight).

Lawful location platform for homeland security

As part of its export development, Deveryware will also present its turnkey geolocation platform for homeland security, deployable on any sovereign cloud and fully managed by the customer. This powerful solution offers lawful position tracking of mobile phones and GNSS/GPS beacons, to accelerate judicial investigations and facilitate intelligence gathering

A solution to leverage tracking data from all mobile network operators in a correlated fashion, developed in close cooperation with French law enforcement agencies.

Key benefits:

• instantly available data for surveillance of suspects and elucidation of criminal investigations;

• Data correlation between all connected mobile operators;

• sustainable compliance with lawful interception requirements of mobile operators.

It is targeted at criminal investigators, Intervention units & SWAT teams, Customs and intelligence agencies.

Combining big data analysis and judicial investigation

DeveryAnalytics is the big data analytics platform jointly developed by Deveryware and OAK Branch for judicial investigation. This powerful solution makes it possible to use all data or metadata to turn them into useful information for the investigation. For the first time, this platform has combined several levels of analysis (semantic, statistical and relational analysis) and processes investigation data in all their forms: investigation records, geolocation data or reports, messaging, file systems, banking data, social networks, detailed phone records, etc

Forensics and cyber intelligence

Tracip and OAK Branch have teamed up to develop a new solution dedicated to the cross-processing of data from different forensic software tools. This new showcased solution, Forensic Fusion, is dedicated to judicial investigations and corporate environments (within the framework of fraud investigations). It is able to combine and analyze any type of forensic data, through several visualization formats. Designed to be evolutive, it constitutes a bridge between all parties involved in an investigation and makes "augmented" data analysis available to scientific police.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence offer, developed by OAK Branch and dedicated to cyber threat analysis for IT security teams, will also be presented at the exhibition. It offers different attack scenarios (software security breach, URL-related malware, peak activity, etc.) to measure the level of risk exposure and provide scores to accurately assess the impact on an IT system.

Data capture

Data collection is an essential vector in conducting investigations. In order to provide investigation teams with state-of-the-art and highly-operational tools, Deveryware has completed its range of solutions with DeveryLoRa, the first GPS beacon incorporating LoRa technology, totally undetectable, unjammable and with excellent battery life.

Deveryware at Milipol Paris 2019

Exhibition Centre of Paris-Villepinte

November 19 to 22

Hall 5 - booth 5N 134

• Speech by Alain Vernadat, Deveryware Managing Director

21/11 – 2:30 – 5:00 PM


Cross-perspective on "Citizens, communities, private actors: we are the players of cyberpeace"

• Workshop/Demo by Fanch Francis, OAK Branch Director

19/11 - 11:30 AM

Topic: Presentation of the "Detection" platform dedicated to fake news, influence and radicalisation on social networks. As an advanced statistical analysis solution, it allows to reconcile millions of data and to cross-check them, whatever the format. This software has been designed for administrations, in compliance with European regulations on data protection.

About Deveryware

Founded in 2003, Deveryware is the European expert in investigation technologies and global security services, committed to serving the security of States, businesses and communities through innovative digital technologies and high value-added solutions.

The group's offer, together with its subsidiaries’ offer – OAK Branch, Tracip and Resiliency, covers forensic investigation, data analysis, real-time geolocation platforms, big data, crisis management and the new generation emergency call. With a turnover of € 30 million expected in 2019 and 140 collaborators, the group is established in Europe, Africa, North and South America. It is highly committed to R&D and invests 10% of its turnover in it. The company’s commitment to values of respect for privacy and its historical knowledge on the security market make it the recognised and trusted partner of many institutions, and notably the services of the French Prime Minister, the French Ministries of the Interior, Justice, Economy and Finance, as well as private actors such as Total, Axa and Veolia, SNCF or RTE. Being highly committed to customer satisfaction, the Deveryware Group has been implementing a QSE approach since 2012, for which it has been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

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