Q&A with Panasonic's Alex Nollmann about the TOUGHBOOK 55

June 25, 2020
The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK brand is one of the most recognizable brand names in modern law enforcement technology. Panasonic's Sales Director Alex Nollmann sat with us for a quick debrief about the TOUGHBOOK 55.

Since 2005, Alex Nollmann has been delivering Panasonic solutions to the public sector, and currently serves as the Mobility Sales Director for Public Sector, Healthcare, and Energy with Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. With previous roles at Insight Public Sector and Havis, Alex has had the privilege of continually supporting the law enforcement community for 15 years, becoming a subject matter expert in the design, procurement, and deployment of technology solutions that increase officer safety, efficiency, and community engagement.

As an active member of several industry organizations including the Tampa Bay Association of Chiefs of Police, the Miami Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police, and Florida Police Chief’s association Alex is passionate about partnering with the public safety community. On the weekends, he enjoys supporting and participating in local fundraising events with Hillsborough Sheriff Community Outreach Team, Pinellas Sheriff Athletics League, and Pasco Sheriff Charities.

Q. What makes TOUGHBOOKS in general unique?

Alex: TOUGHBOOKS are purpose built, rugged laptops. The biggest aspect that is different than other laptops is that the TOUGHBOOK is built around a Panasonic engineered and built motherboard, which is the foundation to focus on heat management, wireless connectivity, and long battery life. These laptops are designed for law enforcement so that the device can run longer while on shift. 

Q. What features are new in the TOUGHBOOK 55?

Alex: A major new feature implemented in the TOUGHBOOK 55 is its modular design which includes multiple bays for users so the user can setup the machine as needed for the mission. This includes removable modules called xPAKs that may be customized, such as DVD / BluRay drives, dedicated graphics, a second battery / SSD, biometric or physical security, and other industry specific I/O ports. One laptop, one image, thousands of configurations.

The latest TOUGHBOOK 55 also has four embedded microphones enhanced for voice, and different colors for the keyboard lights, and even a night mode that washes the screen in eye friendly red. For covert needs, there is also a blackout mode that can be activated with a touch of a button to turn off the screen and all status LED. 

Q. How does the TOUGHBOOK 55 improve with officer safety?

Alex: The TOUGHBOOK 55 supports infrared facial recognition, fingerprint, RFID card, or chip card to quickly identify the user and unlock data without delay or distraction.  All TOUGHBOOKS have a raised, red emergency button that can quickly send an emergency alert to CAD or dispatch. The advanced microphone array allows voice control, license plate search, and more without taking eyes off the road.

Q. How does the TOUGHBOOK 55 assist with officer efficiency?

Alex: The TOUGHBOOK 55 is flexible and officers can carry extra xPAKs, allowing them versatility when choosing which module to use. The TOUGHBOOK can be quickly modified, without tools, to set up for any mission.

The keyboard is designed for maximum typing efficiency, and includes 2 programmable hot buttons to quickly launch applications or commands. In a vehicle, the TOUGHBOOK monitors whether the car is running or not, and can power itself on and off accordingly. Connectivity to wireless networks and dedicated GPS keeps track of the officer’s location, further adding to safety. TOUGHBOOKs are able to charge via USB without actually having the computer on. 

Finally, the TOUGHBOOK 55 has an extremely long battery life and is able to get more life through a second battery option (40 hours). Current power supply options fit TOUGHBOOKs that are current to about 16 years prior which saves money and allows for extra power supply.

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