Miltech 8P Rugged USB Charger

Sept. 20, 2019

MilSource announced the U.S. availability of Techaya’s MILTECH 8P, an ultra-compact rugged USB charger for mobile military platforms such as tanks, planes, armored and personnel vehicles. The MILTECH 8P is powered by wide range of in-vehicle DC power inputs (9-36VDC) to charge rugged smart phones, PDA devices and other hand-held military devices with 2 Amps of continuous power to every port.

 This high-density, rugged charger is equipped with a MIL STD 1275 power supply, D-38999 power connector and meets MIL STD 810, MIL STD 461 and IP 51 specification. 

 The MILTECH 8P measures 4.49” x 3.74” x 1.44”, weighs .66 pounds and can be discretely mounted via integrated screw brackets.