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LYNXPM Enterprise is a user friendly and affordable software solution for securing digital photos, videos and digital audio. LYNX Enterprise stores 256-bit encrypted images on the users' Microsoft SQL server with unlimited user-defined templates, search fields and values. User-defined templates allow multiple departments (such as fire, police and code enforcement on the same Microsoft SQL server to share the software and cost. Users can search, view, print, mark up and share data securely with LYNXPM. Administrator controls access on what images or cases are available, and if available, what features can be utilized by individuals, since the administrator has user and group level control. Send a password protected slide show to share images with anyone, anywhere, anytime via disk, or email! Authenticates images every time they are viewed and provides tamperproof audit trail showing chain of custody from the time the image was taken with the camera up to current state. Networked solutions come with concurrent licensing.
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