Hawaii Police Recruit in Coma after Suffering Heat Stroke

Feb. 10, 2022
Alexa Jacobs, 27, had a body temperature of 107 degrees after running during physical training at the Maui Police Department's academy last week.

A Hawaii police recruit is in a coma after she suffered heat stroke last week during physical training at the academy. 

According to Maui police, Alexa Jacobs, 27, became sick at around 3 p.m. Friday while running during training, the Maui News reports. Jacobs had a temperature of 107 degrees, and she was taken inside before being rushed to the hospital, according to information on a GoFundMe page, which police confirmed.

“Although they were able to cool her down, her body and organs began to shut down on her,” the page stated. “She is currently in a coma and on dialysis and we will know within the next 24 hours if she needs a liver transplant.”

Jacobs was airlifted from Maui Memorial Medical Center to Queen’s Medical Center on Oahu, and her family described her condition as “pretty tough.” She has been put on a liver transplant list, according to an online update.

“We’re hoping she’ll pull through this,” a family member told the News.

Jacobs was one of about 10 recruits in Maui police's 92nd Recruit Class, which started this month.

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