California Highway Patrol - Tracy Area Office

March 27, 2024

This facility was named a Notable in the Law Enforcement Facilities II category of the 2023 Officer Station Design Awards.

Official Project Name: California Highway Patrol - Tracy Area Office

Project City/State: Tracy, CA

Date Completed: March 8, 2023

Chief/Director: Jo Pini, Area Commander

Project Area (sq. ft.): 31,324

Total Cost: $28,893,275

Cost Per Square Foot: $922.00

Architect/Firm Name: COAR Design Group

City/State: San Diego & Santa Rosa, CA

Phone: 619-698-9177


Design Team: COAR Design Group: Eric Glass (Retired), Architect of Record; Jeff Katz, Principal; David Zaro, Project Manager; BKF Engineers: Jim McCurdy, Vice President;  Capital Engineering Consultants: Anthony Colacchia, Principal; J.R. Conkey & Associates: Scott Ransdell, Senior Vice President; O'Mahony & Myer: Pieter Colenbrander, Principal; Greg Hauser, Principal, The HLA Group; Kevin Zucco, Principal/CEO; ZFA Structural Engineers: Luke Wilson, Principal; Garret Hubbart, Terracon: Senior Principal; Steelhead Metal & Fab: Damon Johnson

Project Description

Completed in 2023, this Design-Build facility and all associated structures were designed to meet the Essential Services Buildings Seismic Safety Act (ESA) of 1986 as well as LEED Silver Certification requirements. 

With a square footage total of 32,324, the project is comprised of an Administrative Office Building (Building A), an Auto Service Building (Building B), and a combined Radio Vault, Storage, Waste and Recycling Building (Building C). Building A includes administrative offices, locker rooms, evidence room, intoxilyzer/interview rooms, briefing room, armory, gun cleaning room, issue room, staff break room, public lobby and conference room. Building B includes an office area, auto service bays, tool storage, service equipment area, parts storage, new and used tire storage, fluids storage, air compressor and waste oil storage. Building C includes the radio vault and radio equipment storage room. The site includes 8,856 sf of photovoltaic structures, a 120’ high freestanding communications, connecting wave-guide bridge, fuel storage and dispensing area, and an emergency generator. The photovoltaic solar panel system shades parking for patrol vehicles, reduces the heat island effect, and provides on-site renewable energy for the entire facility. 

Throughout the design process, one of the consistent challenges was to incorporate sustainable design elements while still meeting the California Highway Patrol’s need for durable, low-maintenance materials and systems as well as a secure facility. The design team responded to this challenge by ensuring that the building systems were energy efficient and low maintenance.

The building materials selected include sustainable properties such as high percentages of recycled content. The design team also specified coatings, sealants, and adhesives that are low VOC. Trees and other landscaping were carefully located so that they would not interfere with security cameras, but could still be incorporated to enhance the project.

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