Columbia County Sheriff's Headquarters

March 27, 2024

This facility was named a Notable in the Law Enforcement Facilities II category of the 2023 Officer Station Design Awards.

Official Project Name: Columbia County Sheriff's Headquarters

Project City/State: Appling, GA

Date Completed: September 28, 2023

Chief/Director: Director Steven Prather

Project Area (sq. ft.): 24,645

Total Cost: $6,316,000

Cost Per Square Foot: $229

Architect/Firm Name: Christopher Booker & Associates PC

City/State: Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-6792


Design Team: Architects: Christopher Booker & Associates PC; Structural Engineer: Slater Engineering; Landscape Architecture: Johnson, Laschober & Associates; Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineers: JG Swift & Associates; Interior Design: Corporate Studio; Electrical Engineering: Greenco of Augusta; Electrical Design Consultants 

Project Description

The Columbia County’s Sheriff’s office rapid growth has matched the pace of the County itself. Various departments and offices were spread around different locations throughout the county as the need for space arose. The time had come for the Sheriff’s office to consolidate services and resources into one central location. This was the driving force behind the program of the New Columbia County Sheriff’s Headquarters: provide a unified location for the administrative, operational, and leadership team to collaborate and achieve a more fluid approach to accomplish their Mission. 

This facility is located on the Sheriff Office’s campus, which includes a firing range, driving course, fleet management, records, 911 and detention center. Public access and security are of utmost importance in this community. Since the building is located on the main drive onto campus, K-rated bollards protect the main entry to the building. The lobby provides bullet-resistant protection to staff while allowing the members of the community access to the resources of the sheriff’s office. 

The departments that call this building home are located on the following floors: the first floor is home to the administrative services as well as the records department; the second floor houses the Criminal Investigation Division; the third floor is set aside for the department’s leadership, including the Sheriff’s office and an executive conference room that doubles as an emergency management center. 

The rooftop features a patio area to allow the employees to enjoy time outside with a commanding view of campus. Multiple offices, break rooms and facilities are spread throughout the building, allowing for flexibility in use and organizational planning. Circulation between the floors is primarily handled by the two stair towers which were finished in materials and colors to complement the interiors. 

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