To the Year Ahead!

Dec. 17, 2019

The International Association for Police Chiefs (IACP) was held in Chicago this year.

As it was my first experience at this event and it was a great one! You will find our coverage of the event at

The LET December 2019 issue focused on the positives that departments have developed over the last year and what new improvements are to come in regard to leadership, procedure, and technology. We interviewed a group of three department heads from all areas of the country to find out what they have in store for their respective departments for 2020. Our panelists include chiefs and sheriffs from departments of all sizes. You will find inspiring information in their answers that will give you positive outlook for the year ahead with your own agency.

Editorial Director, Lt. Frank Borelli discusses the salary survey he put out at This information is meant to assist your department, city, or state take a look at other, competitive salaries across the nation. As we all know, retention can be difficult in law enforcement agencies. By appreciating staff, offering good, supportive leadership, new training opportunities and keeping in mind reasonable monetary incentives, departments will find that longevity is possible.

Let it also be noted that in the September issue, the name of the Senior Vice President of Global Training for Cellebrite name was misspelled in the article, "Overcome the Challenges of Digital Evidence" at It should have read, Buddy Tidwell. We thank Cellebrite for the wonderful services they provide our law enforcement agencies. Closing cases and delving into the truth is often attributed to the technology they provide.

Here is to the year 2020! All of us at the Officer Media group wish you safe holidays and an inspiring year ahead.

About the Author

Hilary Rodela

Hilary Rodela is currently a Surveillance Officer, a former Private Investigator, a former Crime Scene Investigator, and Evidence Technician. She worked for the Ruidoso (NM) Police Department as well as the Lubbock (TX) Police Department. She has written for several public safety publications and has extensive law enforcement and forensic training and is pursuing forensic expertise in various disciplines. Hilary is a freelance public safety writer and curriculum developer for the National Investigative Training Academy.

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