Energizer eCoupled Flashlight and Charging Holster

Energizer eCoupled Flashlight and Charging Holster

Energizer eCoupled Flashlight and Charging Holster Product Image

Gamber-Johnson, with Energizer Battery, Inc., made an eCoupled charging holster compatible with the Energizer Hard Case Professional eCoupled Swivel Light. The charging flashlight holster is molded out of rugged Polycarbonate ABS which allows for the holster to be water resistant and withstand the most rugged environments. The molded holster and spring brackets firmly hold the flashlight in place regardless if it is mounted vertically or horizontally.
The Energizer Hard Case Professional eCoupled Swivel Light utilizes a NiMH battery pack that can be charged up to 500 times and is designed to work exclusively with the Gamber-Johnson eCoupled charging holster. The flashlight was built to be used in rugged environments - it is water resistant and can withstand a 15 foot drop.
The flashlight has three different LED colors: white LED light for intense illumination that has high and low white spots, red LED for night vision and green LED for pipe inspection. The head of the flashlight rotates 125 degrees to allow flexible lighting angles. The flashlight also includes an integrated belt clip for a hands-free option.

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STRIX Headlamp

Product From Petzl America

STRIX - Headlamp with multiple carry options, and visible and infrared lighting

  • Headlamp keeps hands free for working efficiently.
  • Numerous carry options: on the helmet, on the vest, on the head, or around the neck
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NiteRider Light Systems

Product From Safariland/Kona Patrol Bikes, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland Patrol Bikes announced the addition of three new patrol bike light combinations for its Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike line through its new partnership with NiteRider, an industry-leading light manufacturer.  The three new light systems are the NiteRider Patrol Light and Siren, the NiteRider Lumina and Mako Systems.  All three packages offer a powerful high-performance light and are quick and easy to install. 

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ClipMate USB Clip-On Light

Product From Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight Inc. introduced a rechargeable version of its versatile ClipMate, the ClipMate USB. The super-bright, multi-function clip-on light includes a built-in USB charge tab for convenient, cordless recharging.  

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UrgentPower DX 5200

Product From Mobile Edge

Charge your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone with the high-capacity 5200mAh Battery. Designed to deliver immediate backup power, the UrgentPower DX 5200 comes with a USB Cable, Micro USB, Mini USB and an Apple 30-pin connector. An LED battery level indicator signifies battery charge, and has a

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Guardian Angel - Wearable Lightbar and Personal Safety Device

Product From 425 Inc.

Bringing a new level of safety and security to the job for first responders and emergency personnel around the world, 425 Inc., launched its new Guardian Angel product line. 

As the first of its kind for the emergency responder industry

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Orbis 3-Watt LeD Rechargeable Spotlight


Cyclops' ORBIS 3-Watt LED Rechargeable Spotlight uses a 3-Watt LED bulb to create a bright 140 lumen light. Made durable with an ABS plastic housing, the light is equipped with the swivel handle for a comfortable grip.  The light is powered by a

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HGpeN - Horizontal Eye Gaze Nystagmus Test

Product From HGpeN

The HGpeN was designed, developed and patented with input from SFST/DRE law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and defense attorneys. After several years of research & development followed up with intensive field testing, we have a product for the law enforcement officer that is not only simple to use, but reliable.

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Spec Ops APALS


The new Special Ops Catalog features the new line of APALS variations that were developed directly from feedback from Tier One Special Operations teams.  The new Spec Ops APALS torpedo shaped Line Lights are designed to slip silently through the water. The two holes at each end are reinforced and can be tied onto a lanyard or line.

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Solar Powered APALS


Brite-Strike APALS; All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips have revolutionized the LMD/IMD; Lighted Marking Device/Illuminated Marking Device category. “We are replacing 1960s technology, chemical light sticks, with our standard

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Dual USB Charging Port

Product From Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.

The new USB Dual Charging port, Model #091-219 affords you two charging ports with a max output of 3 Amps, and is a very convenient accessory to add to your indicator panel. You will have the capability to charge both an iPad and iPhone at the same time.

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