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DWSe/WLXe Wireless Communication Accessories

The Vidisco WLXe-Wireless X-ray accessory can replace cables connecting between the imager and the X-ray source. This WLXe can be fully integrated to the foXrayIIe VCU’s, and also works with Vidisco flat panels. Wireless communication is needed when the positioning requires that there be no direct contact between the X-ray source and the imager. This is useful for inspecting walls for listening devices, aircraft wings for NDT, etc. The WLXe is unique due to its small dimensions (it lacks a battery) and user friendly operation. The DWSe-Digital Wireless System accessories option can replace the 50m cable connecting the imager and the CDU (Control Display Unit / Laptop). The DWSe accessory gives quality X-ray images via a wireless connection. It can be fully integrated with the foXrayIIe VCU (also works with Vidisco flat panels). The DWSe is among the smallest wireless devices available. It is a battery-free unit and provides fast transmission-software maximized; it has an encoded signal for extra security transmission, and over 200m of perfect quality X-ray image transmission using the extended range antenna option that is included in the kit.

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