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Protective Outfitters is home of the Ampel Probe safety tool. The Ampel Probe is one of the top choices of professionals worldwide for search and retrieval where efficiency and safety are of the highest priority. When seeking PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as a first line of defense from potential sharps injuries and their associated blood borne pathogen risks, professionals can rely on the Ampel Probe for providing critical "stand-off" distance to help ensure safety.

The Ampel Probe is a simple, yet extremely effective tool that is designed to help save lives. Practice safe search and let the Ampel Probe take the risk.

Why the Ampel Probe?

Today’s biological hazards in the workplace have become increasingly more dangerous than in years past. As diseases like HIV and Hepatitis reach epidemic proportions here in the US and around the world, health and safety concerns have taken center stage for law enforcement and other professions where sharps injuries and their associated bloodbourne pathogens risks are a concern.

The Ampel Probe is a highly effective hand held safety device designed to protect personnel from health hazards involved in handling harmful and/or infectious materials during individual pat downs, property and area searches. In this day and age, it is paramount for those in harm's way to assume whatever or whomever they may come into contact may be a carrier of a
communicable disease.

What About Gloves? 

These days, it is fairly common for professionals to use protective gloves, but gloves alone are not enough. While they may be a step in the right direction, protective gloves can prove to be merely a false sense of security. Even the most advanced safety gloves, such as the Kevlar enhanced models, are not 100 percent guaranteed to prevent a needle stick. Additionally, the thicker the glove the more likely they are to hinder the user’s dexterity and sense of feel, which are essential during a search. Moreover, once gloves are contaminated, they must be properly disposed and replaced. This can have a substantially adverse effect on a department's or organization's budget. 

How is the Ampel Probe Different? 

Deviating from the typical gloved protection methodology, the Ampel Probe has successfully combined the key elements of dexterity and tactile feedback and instilled them in a simple hand held tool. When implemented with proper procedure, the Ampel Probe acts as an extension of the user’s hand, providing critical stand-off distance and effectively protecting users against sharps injuries that may harbor deadly pathogens. 

Due to the tool's design and composite makeup, the Ampel Probe offers sufficient dexterity for manipulating small objects and maintains crucial tactile feedback that is essential to successful task performance. The Ampel Probe has been proven to not only reduce accidental needles sticks, but it has been said to have literally eliminate them in some cases. This in turn lowers personnel injuries and subsequent downtime, as well as, many costs closely associated with such injuries.

Cross contamination a concern?

The problem no longer exists when using the Ampel Probe properly in conjunction with simple latex cots placed over the tips of the tool. Cross contamination of evidence during collection becomes a thing of the past. Evidence may be carefully retrieved and placed into a collection bag and the bag may in turn be used to remove the latex cots including them along with the evidence for submission. 

Another great aspect of the Ampel Probe during individual pat downs, when following proper procedures, is that they have been proven to be an aid in reducing sexual harassment claims. 

Customer feedback has stated that when the user of the probe visually demonstrates on themselves while explaining how they will be using the tool to conduct an individual search (patdown), the one being searched is less likely to feel apprehensive and violated as no one's hands will be touching areas they may deem inappropriate. This is especially useful for checkpoint security screening.

Lastly, regarding budgetary concerns, the Ampel Probe may be easily cleaned and disinfected with a simple bleach and water solution for reuse time and time again. It is a one-time line item purchase. Quite simply, the Ampel Probe has been proven to increase safety, reduce sexual harassment claims and lower costs. With so many uses in a variety of industries, doesn't it make sense to make the Ampel Probe a part of your arsenal in personnel protection? 

The Bottom Line 

By arming yourself with the Ampel Probe, you increase your safety while effectively getting the job done in a cost effective manner.

Protect yourself... Protect your family... Get a Grip on Safety with the Ampel Probe.

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