Jonathan Kozlowski

Jonathan Kozlowski, Officer's Law Enforcement Technology Editor, shares insights and thoughts with the law enforcement community.

  • Kickstarter: Police Projects

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Thursday April 10, 2014
    Note: Thoughts and opinions are my own, not of any publication under Cygnus Law Enforcement Media ... yada yada yada. These aren't endorsements and are for entertainment and informational purposes alone. Earlier this week (April 6 to 12), a law enforcement officer from Las Vegas Metro called introducing me to his  Kickstarter campaign . I'd be amiss to not give a few details - see above...
  • How Can eCitation Benefit Officer Safety?

    - Monday March 24, 2014
    By RAD DeRose, President & CEO of L-Tron Corporation Traffic-related incidents have been the leading cause of law enforcement line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) for many years. Though many measures have been put in place to mitigate this dramatic threat to officers’ life and safety, could more be done to promote scene safety while performing traffic stops? According to 2011 International...
Frank Borelli

Frank Borelli on Law Enforcement -'s Online Editor Frank Borelli blogs about regulations, training and other law enforcement industry news and events.

  • We Have A Responsibility

    By Frank Borelli - Friday March 21, 2014
    As I sit to type out this blog entry I am all too aware of how easy it would be for something I “say” to be misinterpreted, taken the wrong way, considered critical or insulting, etc.  Please, if you take issue with anything I say here, comment with your question or disagreement below in a polite fashion OR email me (in whatever fashion you see fit) and let’s make sure my meaning is...
Sara Scullin

Sara Schreiber, Officer's Law Enforcement Technology Editor, shares insights and thoughts with the law enforcement community.

  • Can you afford technology that saves lives?

    By Sara Scullin - Tuesday November 12, 2013
    Last week I attended the International Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) in Philadelphia. It was encouraging to see some truly cutting-edge exhibits and displays, brought to law enforcement agencies from all over the world by companies who make products because they truly care about the end user. In fact, a lot of these new products coming out, from analytics software to flashlights to...
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