The Strength of Ten Men

Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief "The Strength of Ten Men" is a phrase that can be related to everything from ancient mythology to modern lyrics. If you don't believe me, simply Google "strength of ten men" and sort through the more than...

Frank Borelli

"Who Should Kill A Terrorist?"
  • is highly trained in combatives
  • is armed to the teeth
  • has a belief system that implores their death as desireable
  • knows their battlefield
  • happens to be in a target rich environment
  • highly in mixed martial arts or "combatives"
  • with an assortment of effective weaponry without regard to political correctness
  • in the duty-focused self-sacrificing attitude that made our country strong at its inception
  • and assign them in a given area so that they can intimately learn their "battlefield"
  • to see the moral imperative that they quickly and efficiently neutralize terrorists
  • Enhance your experience.

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