Play the field

Recruiting quality employees has been the focus of law enforcement agencies for many years. Even as the economy changes, public service needs continue to necessitate officers on the streets. To meet growing needs, the California Commission on Peace...

Agencies find another barrier to recruiting good candidates is the time it takes for applicants to get through the process. A complicated and lengthy hiring practice often hinders qualified recruits from making it into the ranks of an agency. Today’s job pool generally does not want to wait the three to six months it takes to become a police officer. Agencies that have lengthier processes may lose their candidates to other agencies with more streamlined techniques. By having desirable benefits, such as a sports team, a department gains more time because a candidate sees a reason to wait for that offer.

Law enforcement agencies need strong recruitment strategies as policing roles continue to evolve. Agencies need to market themselves as attractive career choices for this new generation of young people. The IACP and U.S. Department of Justice emphasize the importance of reaching a larger, qualified and diverse applicant pool with the right message. Agency supported athletics can do just that while also increasing intra- and inter-departmental teamwork and helping maintain a physically and mentally healthy workforce. Department athletics are a win-win endeavor for any agency.

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