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Editor's Video Blog: Us Versus Them

Not talking about cops v citizens; talking about cops v a group that is supposed to support and protect our children as well as educate them: public schools.

Doesn’t apply to all school systems, and may be the responsibility of just a few key administrators.  But…

Why would a school’s principal warn a runaway – who still showed up for school and was living with a friend to escape an abusive situation at home – why would the principal warn the student that the police were going to be at the school at the end of the school day and encourage her to run before they got there?  Student is found MONTHS later several states away living in bad conditions…

Why would a Superintendent of Schools turn down a proposal from the local sheriff to put an SRO in every school in the county at no cost to the county or the school board?  Grant funding from the Dept of Justice would support it and had been secured but the Superintendent was against the idea because the deputies would answer to the Sheriff, not the school’s principal, so the schools would rather not have a deputy in them?

Why would a school principal actually call and ask a sheriff’s deputy NOT to come to school in uniform anymore to pick up his daughter?  Some parents complain about an UNIFORMED armed officer being at the school and to appease those few parents, the principal asks the officer NOT to come in uniform and NOT to be armed?

Examples of schools working against officers.  How about this one: Why would a school punish, in any way, a student for answering a call for help from a fellow student who was drunk at a party and needed a ride home?  Better yet, why would MADD support the school, apparently favoring the idea of a drunk student driving home rather than calling a friend for a ride?  I get the “should have called a parent instead of a friend” point, but why punish the student that was helpful?

What are we teaching these students today?  Are we (a selective few) demonstrating that police officers and sheriffs’ deputies are undesirable? That we don’t want them around? That the school knows better than anyone else what is best for our children?