LIFE Corporation Emergency Oxygen

LIFE Corporation manufactures medical devices; easy-to-use portable Emergency Oxygen and CPR administration equipment. LIFE® Emergency Oxygen Unit Cylinders are shipped full of oxygen, ready-to-use and are easily disposable/replaceable or refillable. LIFE® OxygenPac is the superior portable Emergency Oxygen wall-mounted unit which is an easy-to-use oxygen Inhalator for a breathing victim and a Resuscitator adjunct for a non-breathing victim. LIFE® SoftPac™ is the lightweight, 6 pound Emergency Oxygen unit, preferred for frequent carrying, and as an AED companion Oxygen unit. LIFE® StartSystem™ AED defibrillator and Emergency Oxygen for oxygen administration before and after successful defibrillation. Only 8 pounds and 12"x12"x3", it is compact and durable.

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