4RE™ – Defining the Standard for HD In-Car Video

The 4RE introduced Law Enforcement to High Definition In Car Video Recording back in 2010. Thanks to WatchGuard's patented Multiple Resolution Recording technology, it remains the only practical solution for In Car HD video recording on the market today. Using advanced processing, the 4RE records in both HD and SD simultaneously and allows agencies to use event tags to define which recording to keep. This enables every agency to set custom rules and policy to ensure you have the best quality evidence when you need it, and lower file sizes for less important or non-critical events.

Supported by advanced scalable software, 4RE can be deployed as a fully networked, wireless upload solution or as a completely stand-alone system with manual transfers. 4RE customers range from small-town Police Departments to large agencies, such the Pennsylvania State Police. To learn more about 4RE, visit www.WatchGuardVideo.com/4re