L-Tron's New 4910LR is Stopping Traffic

L-Tron’s Law Enforcement expert, Jason Culliton, provides viewers with a brief product overview as he “unwraps” the new 4910LR Driver’s License Area Imaging Scanner.
The informative 3-minute video reveals:

1. Simplicity of installation and use
2. Product components and performance
3. Exclusive features new to the 4910LR
4. User tips and license scanning demonstrations
5. Comparisons to L-Tron’s previous 4810LR model
L-Tron’s new 4910LR Microphone-Style Driver’s License Scanner was released April 1, 2013. It is equipped with Honeywell’s 6th generation scan engine and packaged into an ergonomic form factor. Designed for use in patrol cars at traffic stops, accident and incident scenes, the 4910LR reads pdf417 barcodes and supports image and intelligent signature capture.
The new 4910LR, powered by Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, is TraCS-compatible (http://www.tracsinfo.us/ ) and APS Certified (http://www.aps.us/index.php).