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Talon Air Baton We have ramped up our "Lighten the Load" initiative with the introduction of the new Talon Air Baton. The 50 cm Disc Loc, button or cap release Talon Air weighs approximately 11.5 ounces, nearly a half of a pound less than its steel counterpart. The lighter weight is meant to help reduce the risk of low back injuries while its innovative design and unique materials still ensure superior performance and protection on the street. The new Talon Air incorporates the revolutionary steel/aluminum design that is found in all of ASP's Airweight Batons. This custom combination results in a lightweight, durable and devastatingly effec- tive impact weapon. The handle and middle of the baton are made with 7075 custom aluminum tub- ing -- the same alloy used in an M4 rifle, and the striking surface is 4130 steel tubing. LIGHTEN THE LOAD" INITIATIVE ASP's "Lighten the Load" initiative brings the best of automation, applied science and industrial me- chanics to decrease the weight and improve the performance of the protective equipment that must be carried each day by police. The initiative includes impact weapons, restraints and lighting products. For more information on the "Lighten the Load" initiative and other ASP products, visit
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