Cellsense Inmate Contraband Detection

Faster and more sensitive than a hand wand, Cellsense screens up to 40 individuals per minute, providing a full body scan with a single walk-by.

  • High portability
  • Immediate deployment
  • Easy to operate
  • Intuitive display
  • One person set up
  • 16 hr Battery or A/C power
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Freestanding or wall-mounted

Putting you ahead in your fight against inmate contraband

  • Detects all cell phones and much more
  • Full body scan with single walk-by
  • Large numbers of inmates scanned quickly
  • Body-cavity detection
  • Covert screening capability
  • Surprise element (unannounced deployment)
  • Psychological effect (unknown technology)
  • Suitable for any type of correctional facility


Cellsense detects only moving ferromagnetic objects and is optimized for cellular phone detection. Cell phones are increasingly manufactured with reduced metal content, making detection using conventional metal detectors less certain. Cell phones do however contain essential ferromagnetic components that Cellsense readily detects.

Cellsense also detects many other contraband items such as blades, shanks, radio receivers and transceivers. Its’ automatic programming keeps things simple, needs no user input and compensates for external electrical and mechanical interference such as lights, doors, vehicles etc.


Since Cellsense scans more than 40 individuals per minute without contact or intrusion, it is far quicker and easier than using a hand wand or chair type device. Cellsense provides labor savings.

Wide Coverage

A single Cellsense will cover a 3-4ft corridor while two unit deployment will confidently cover 6-7ft in cell phone detection mode.

Portable and durable

Designed to be durable for tough prison environments, Cellsense is light enough to be easily transported yet it cannot easily be used as a weapon by inmates. It is protected against user interference with control bars and has knock over protection.

Completely safe

Unlike conventional metal detectors, Cellsense is entirely passive and so there are no health and safety concerns when scanning subjects overtly or covertly. Cellsense has no effect on electronic devices such as pacemakers and is harmless to pregnant women. No one can object to being scanned on health grounds.

Inspiring Confidence

The patent applied for technology incorporates the highest sensitivity and, state of the art sensors, which provide you with unmatched detection capability. Our magnetic detection team has over 70 years combined experience designing for the toughest military environments.