Gunsonics! Hearing Protection App

Gunsonics! Hearing Protection App

Gunsonics! Hearing Protection App Product Image


  • - Listen, talk, and shoot with GunSonics!
  • - Unique hearing protection app delivers safe communication for gun users 
  • - Sets new safety standards for electronic hearing protection 

British Mobile App developer Essency Limited, makers of Awareness! The Headphone App, announce GunSonics! Hearing Protector App for iPhone, a unique app that allows shooters to hear and talk naturally on the range or in the field, without risking hearing damage.

  • - Protects hearing while allowing conversation and environmental awareness
  • - Reduces the loudest gunfire to a 'pop’ (10 second action video - here)
  • - Outperforms expensive electronic ear-defenders
  • - Save £100s / $100s against the cost of expensive electronic ear-defenders
  • - On the iTunes App Store now £6.99 UK / $9.99 USA / $10.49 AUD
  • - Coming soon for Android

People shooting for fun or sport have a choice of being able to talk to each other, or risking serious hearing damage. Most choose to wear ear protectors, but these make conversation impossible and instruction difficult.

The solution to-date, has been expensive active electronic headsets with built-in microphones and amplification, but their safety is questioned as audio app pioneers Essency launch GunSonics! - see GunSonics! vs Commercial Active Ear Defenders on

App Powered by iPhone (Android coming soon)

GunSonics! harnesses the huge computing power of an iPhone, to deliver a groundbreaking app that sets a new standard for safety in electronic ear protection. 

How GunSonics! works 

  1. The user wears passive ear protectors over the top of standard Apple iPhone earphones, providing the protection against gunshot blasts. 
  2. GunSonics! uses the headset microphone to listen to the outside world and feeds sounds and conversation to the user in real-time.
  3. When there is a shot, GunSonics! sucks the harmful energy out of the gun blast.
  4. Conversation is never interrupted by gunfire, users hear what is going on around them and are not exposed to damaging sound levels.
  5. Users can carry on a normal conversation, while firing rifles, revolvers or shotguns.

Users simply wear their Apple earphones underneath their ear protectors, switch GunSonics! on and tap a preset to match the firearm in use. Then they use the volume control on their iPhone to find a comfortable listening level and are ready to shoot.

The result? Easy communication and improved hearing safety.

Available at the App Store priced at $9.99 USD and £6.99 GBP  /  Android due shortly

Gunsonics! Features

  • Essency’s Advanced DSP 'Real-Time Engine': Based on the award-winning Awareness!@ The Headphone App audio engine, to outperform the most expensive electronic ear defenders.
  • Gun Selector: Six presets are customized for the sound signature of each type of gun. Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers, Black Powder, Semi Automatics.
  • Auto Fire Selector: Choose between single shot or automatic weapons. Auto fire should be selected when a group is firing.
  • ClearVoice – Built-in: Makes any speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear, even over gunshots.

GunSonics! Anticpated Usage

Suitable for all gun types, rifles, shotguns, pistols, semi and full auto firearms, using any calibre from .22 upwards on indoor and outdoor ranges. Ideal for shooters, instructors, spotters, students, spectators, gun clubs, group shooting, re-enactment and sporting events. No more feeling isolated or not knowing when it's safe to remove ear protectors. No more waiting for others to finish shooting before taking instruction.


  • An Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5S and above or iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • Apple supplied iPhone headsets (earphones or earpods incorporating a microphone)
  • Passive ear-protectors (High NRR/SNR recommended)


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