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MobilePD, nationally-recognized developers of law enforcement and public safety mobile applications, has expanded internationally by partnering with the Victoria Police Department on the first mobile application in Canada to help fight crime.

“This application provides Victoria residents with unprecedented access to information in the most convenient format possible, right from their mobile phones” said Kushyar Kasraie, co-founder and CEO of MobilePD. “We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with the Victoria Police Department and helping them with their goal of becoming the safest region in Canada.”

The Sunnyvale–based start-up was founded in 2010 and has worked with police and public safety departments across the US on their official branded mobile apps. As a direct result of the MobilePD apps, cities have solved countless crimes and have even found missing children due to the increase in crime tips.

“We’ve seen the success stories and praise from our US customers, and we can’t wait for similar results as we expand into Canada,” Jamieson Johnson, Vice President of Business Development said. “Victoria PD is nationally recognized as an innovator in technology — we couldn’t have found a better partner to be our first customer in Canada.”

The Victoria Police Department, located in the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, serves a technologically-active community of nearly 350,000. “The mobileVicPD app allows us to serve the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt more effectively by using the mobile devices that are already in their hands,” said Mark MacIntyre, VicPD’s Director of Crime Prevention Services and Public Affairs. “This app provides citizens cutting edge tools in the fight against crime, whether reporting crime, tracking crime where they live, or being instantly notified when a child goes missing in our community.”

Users of the mobile app can track crime in their neighborhood, report specific crimes online, leave tips for investigators, listen in to news reports and get access to all of VicPD’s social media feeds. In addition, consumers will be able to get real-time emergency notifications if there’s an urgent public safety concern like a missing child, major public safety event, or a dangerous wanted person on the loose.

“In addition to being MobilePD’s first international customer, we are also launching our brand new  Alerts feature, which allows VicPD to send real-time alerts to the community and keep them up-to-date” said Kushyar Kasraie, CEO of MobilePD.  “We even went one step further and we’re launching our brand new iOS7 app for VicPD as well. This is the most advanced app that any police department has ever released — hands down.”

VicPD Mobile is available as a free download today on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Marketplace (Android will be available later today) by searching for ‘Victoria Police’ on the respected App Stores.

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