DKX Armor Plates

DKX Armor Plates

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DKX Advanced Manufacturing, a US manufacturer of armor plates, revealed DKX Armor plates utilizing the most advanced technologies resulting in one of the lightest, most buoyant NIJ Level III rated (0101.06) certified plates on the market today. For any law enforcement, military or private security personnel engaging in operations near or on water, the floating capabilities of the DKX Max III plates can be a life saver. Also featured at SHOT was the DKX Max IIIA armor plates packaged with the CSEgear Low Profile plate carrier, perfect for the prepared civilian.

The NIJ certified DKX Max III Plates feature a 10" x 12" shooters-cut or square-cut design that weighs in at just 2.9 lbs. and is +/- 1.1" in thinness, with unmatched features that make the DKX Max III plates the most comfortable armor plates to wear. Made of 100% Dyneema ballistic material with a poly-carbonate back skin in a proprietary press and manufacturing process, the DKX Max III plates tested higher than minimum NIJ test standards. Along with an industry exceeding 7-year warranty, the DKX plates incorporate a Radio Frequency Embedded Verification (RFEV) that provides each plate an individual identification for inventory control and life cycle management.

The DKX Max IIIA 10" x 12"shooters-cut plates weigh just one pound and are approximately ¼-inch in thinness. Max IIIA plates are capable of stopping 00 buckshot, .44 magnum rounds, FN 57 rounds and most of the new lightweight, high velocity rounds that defeat soft armor, including edged weapons. These Special Threat plates are built in smaller sizes for added chest ballistic protection. The DKX IIIA plates are made from 100% Dyneema ballistic material, perfect when mated with the CSE Low Profile Carrier.

CSE Gear Plate Carriers are made in the USA of American materials and are designed and manufactured by US combat vets. At the SHOT Show CSE Gear will feature their modular armor plate carrier made of 1000D Dupont Cordura® that fits the DKX Max III and Max IIIA plates (and others). A special dealer package at the SHOT Show will combine the "Low Pro" plate carrier, which wears discretely, under light clothing, with DKX Max IIIA plates. The total payload of Low Pro Carrier AND TWO IIIA plates is only 3.5 lbs.

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Summit Series Body Armor

Product From Second Chance, a part of The Safariland Group

Second Chance body armor released the next generation Summit family of body armor solutions. Bringing together new innovations from industry leaders Teijin, Barrday, Tex Tech Industries, Honeywell and United States Ballistic Engineering (USBE), the new Summit Series was built from the ground up. The Summit family of body armor is being featured at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) January 14 - 17, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada at booth #12762. The new Summit line incorporates state-of-the-art technologies along with the most advanced exclusive materials to offer a combination of exceptional performance with the softest, most flexible armor available.

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Black Ops Collection - Active Series - WX Rebel

Product From Wiley X Eyewear

A new Black Ops Collection model joins Wiley X’s popular Active Series. The new WX Rebel (Model # ACREB01) features a wrap-around frame style that combines superior coverage and excellent field of vision. The distinctive look of this new style is complimented by the Matte Black frame and Smoke Grey lenses. As the name implies, Wiley X’s Active Series is designed for action – whether on duty, on the job or on the weekend. Active Series models feature soft rubber nose pads and temple tips, ensuring a secure, comfortable fit at all times — even when the action gets hot and sweaty.

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Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology

Product From DSM DYNEEMA

DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema, and one of the world leaders in life protection materials and high performance fibers, introduced Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology, built on its Radical Innovation platform, the company's newest product development program. Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology combines breakthroughs in polymer science, next-generation fiber technology and unique uni-directional engineering to deliver up to 25 percent higher ballistic protection while reducing weight by up to 20 percent. Three companies – Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection GmbH, Point Blank Enterprises and TenCate Advanced Armour – exhibited applications that feature the first Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology products at Milpol 2013. These initial applications demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of this new technology and set the stage for future innovations in soft and hard ballistic protection. All Dyneema Force Multiplier Technology products are manufactured at the DSM Dyneema facility in Greenville, N.C.

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Active Series - WX Tobi

Product From Wiley X Eyewear

Two new models have also joined Wiley X’s popular Active Series for 2014. The new WX Tobi features a stylish semi-rimless frame that is both lightweight and comfortable. It is offered with a distinctive Brown Crystal frame with Bronze lenses (Model #ACTOB02), or a Gloss Black frame paired with Wiley X’s Polarized Silver Flash lenses (Model #ACTOB04). 

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Street Series - WX Moxy

Product From Wiley X Eyewear

Joining Wiley X’s popular Street Series is the new WX Moxy, a style that, true to its name, is ready for any kind of action. The WX Moxy is Rx-ready and available in a unique Olive Stripe frame paired with Polarized Green Platinum Flash lenses (Model #SSMOX04). Featuring Wiley X’s advanced Filter 8 polarizing technology, these lenses virtually eliminate glare, making them an ideal choice for boating, fishing, driving or any highly reflective environment. The new WX Moxy is also offered in a Black Ops Edition (Model #SSMOX01), combining a Matte Black frame with versatile Smoke Grey lenses. With their understated, rugged looks and no-nonsense performance, Willey X Black Ops Edition glasses are a favorite choice of law enforcement and other tactical wearers.

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Smith & Wesson Personal Protective Equipment Line

Product From Radians Inc.

Radians, Inc. entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Smith & Wesson Corp.  The relationship “fits like a glove” since the use of firearms should be accompanied by Personal Protective Equipment that makes the work and sport experience safer and more comfortable for consumers, shooters and professionals.

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Level IIIA High Quality Bullet Proof Vest

Product From Red Eagle Body Armor
  • Soft, Flexible Body Armor
  • Weighs Less & Cooler

  • Greater Coverage

  • Increased Durability 

  • 5 Years Warranty On Ballistic Plates

  • Available Protection Levels: IIA, II, IIIA
    As required by the U.S. Dept. of Justice 

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OcuMax Plus

Product From Revision Military

Revision Military introduced OcuMax Plus, the next-generation anti-fog lens coating. Revision continues to invest resources in advanced coating technologies in order to offer soldiers fog-free protective eyewear solutions. Eyewear fogging, one of the leading complaints from soldiers, can now be combated for both goggles and spectacles. Through continuous research and experimentation, Revision has proven that anti-fog technology can be taken to the next level.

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Integrated Flotation/Armored Vest System

Product From Mustang Survival, a part of The Safariland Group

This integrated flotation/armored vest system continues to support maritime tactical operations by combining the Mustang Survival MD3196 Compact Tactical Life Preserver for law enforcement with the PROTECH APV Tactical Armored Vest to provide flotation safety to the operator in the event of a man overboard situation. The low profile design of the life preserver allows for a full range of operational movement and allows for a modified firing position when inflated.

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Agilite Tactical Hi Vest - Multiple Color Options

Product From Squared Away Surplus

One of the most advanced load-bearing vests and gear carriers available on the market today, Agilite's Tactical Hi-Vest is the result of several years of combat armor development within Israeli Special Forces units. As it does not attach directly to the body armor, a soldier can be almost weight free, and yet combat-ready in seconds.

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