Armor Solution Line

Armor Solution Line


Safariland Ballistics International (SBI) launched its premier line of armor solutions. The SBI brand delivers innovative and quality armor designs for the international market, featuring an array of purpose-built carriers to suit any on-duty needs. 

SBI products are built to deliver the ultimate in ballistic and multi-threat protection, while also offering the utmost in comfort and design. The line features eight unique carrier models categorized by three specific functional needs - Covert, Multi-Purpose and Overt - designated to accommodate ballistic packages precisely developed for the European VPAM and SK1 standards.

The Covert carrier models include the SUBZR0 Ultra Concealable Carrier, featuring a clever design that allows armor panels to contour tightly to the body, and the MATRIX Standard Concealable Carrier, offering the perfect balance of functionality and style. Both carriers offer a low-profile design, a lining system with Luxilon Luxicool advanced cooling system for heat and sweat control and anti-microbial/anti-static materials for odor management.

Adding to SBI’s line of armor solutions are the Multi-Purpose carriers, XVERSE Low Profile Multi-Use Carrier and XVERSE PRO Low Profile Multi-Use Carrier. Both carriers feature an advanced design and maximum adjustability for covert or overt situations. These Multi-Purpose carriers have an integrated suspension system, which secures its panels in place for reduced shifting and feature an advanced 3D inner lining system for improved air flow. Additionally, the XVERSE and XVERSE PRO are individually designed to accommodate 5”x8”, 7”x9” or 10”x12” PROTECH IMPAC special threat and rifle plates. Specific to the XVERSE PRO, this multi-purpose carrier provides the ability to add collar, throat and groin protection attachments.

The most robust and mission-specific carriers of SBI’s new product line are the four Overt carriers. Intended for use over a shirt or under a jacket, the ADX-DUTY Standard Overt Carrier, ADX-HI-VIS Standard Overt Carrier, and ADX-UTILITY Standard Overt Carrier feature adjustable shoulders and pockets accommodating special threat and rifle plates. Specifically intended for various working conditions, each of these carriers are designed with a 3D lining system for improved air flow for added comfort against an array of environmental conditions. For example, the ADX-HI-VIS utilizes Reflexite prismatic tape which offers high visibility, while the ADX-UTILITY includes a modular webbing attachment system to allow for added customization for mission-specific requirements. The last product in the new line, the LNX Overt Response Carrier, provides additional pockets for plates and also accommodates collar, throat, bicep and groin protection attachments to accommodate a more tactical environment.

All eight carrier models premiered in this core family of armor solutions offer three levels of threat protection: SILVER (NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements – U.S. Standards), VS (VPAM Standards – VPAM Ballistic Level 2), and GX (SK1 Standards – Level 1 Ballistic Protection).

SBI first presented its initial series of armor solutions at the 2013 IWA Conference.

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