CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan Program

CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan Program

CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan Program Product Image

RealView, LLC announced that the Village of Niles, Illinois, will implement its CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan program.

The CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan program makes available all of the data required by First Responders, including building construction, fire protection information, site plans, floor plans, utility shutoffs, hazardous material details, maps, photos, fire hydrant locations and more, upon being dispatched to an incident or on scene.  This critical building information enables First Responders to act with knowledge so they can respond quickly and accurately, saving time and potentially lives.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s most recent figures, there are 3,005 civilian fire fatalities and an estimated $11,659,000,000 in direct property loss reported each year.  Pre-planning with CommandScope mitigates this risk by arming First Responders with the information they need to respond effectively in the event of any incident.

Chief Greiner noted that for over 30 years the Village of Niles has been pre-planning with hand drawings and, more recently, CAD (computer-aided drawing) software to create accurate, scaled pre-plan drawings.  With CommandScope, First Responders can simply attach these existing CAD files and then have easy access to those drawings from their mobile computers, while en route or on scene.

The Niles Fire Department operates two fire stations, both of which are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, by 47 highly trained firefighters and paramedics.  The department maintains a Class 3 fire rating from the ISO-rating bureau, which helps Niles’ residents and businesses keep their fire insurance rates down.

The CommandScope All Hazards Pre-Plan program provides critical building details for First Responders to improve safety of owners, occupants, and emergency service personnel in the event of any type of incident.  CommandScope replaces outdated paper-based emergency action plans and manuals and is utilized on emergency vehicle and tablet computers to provide critical property knowledge to those that need it, when they need it.

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Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU)

Product From RADWIN

RADWIN released its new Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU), part of the FiberinMotion portfolio. VMU is especially designed for vehicle installations, enabling high-speed video, voice and data transmission for vehicles on the move.

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InciNotes (1.1.0b1) - ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad

Product From InciNotes

InciNotes is the first ICS 201 Incident Documentation System designed specifically for the iPad. Based off a proven ICS documentation procedure, InciNotes brings incident documentation technology innovations to Emergency Responders who traditionally use paper forms, changing the way Incident Documentation is done. The application enhances the decision-making power of the Incident Commander by simplify the documentation process and highlighting important information, allowing the Incident Commander to keep his focus on the safety of his or her crew.

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Kingdom - A Command and Control System for Homeland Security Forces


Ness Technologies announced its Kingdom, a command and control system for homeland security forces, at the Israel HLS 2012 international conference on homeland security on in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Kingdom

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Sentinel Video System

Product From Rescue Phone

Real time observation inside the barricaded area by command and tactical personnel is essential to the safe resolution of high risk hostage incidents. Rescue Phone makes this simple and affordable with its new Sentinel Video System for crisis negotiations. Six selectable color cameras allow SWAT personnel to monitor activity from up to 225 feet away from the hard shell enclosed phone introduced into the crisis site. Command personnel can view from a distance of over 1,000 feet. All Rescue Phone systems are modular so you purchase as little or as much as you need with the option to add more features when your agency is able to.

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Tactical Communications Unit (TCU-02)


The Tactical Communication Unit was developed with the input from several police departments in the Phoenix area. The TCU-02 was designed to assist law enforcement officers in gaining control of tactical situations. The system provides officers with a way to communicate with the suspect and victims while maintaining as high a degree of personal safety as possible in these situations. Several departments in throughout the country currently use the TCU-02.

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Machine-to-Machine Solution, Partnership with Blueforce Development

Product From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless and Blueforce Development Corporation announced they will team up to deliver advanced wireless solutions for public safety, emergency medical, national security and critical infrastructure protection in the government and commercial market segments through Verizon Wireless’ Business Solutions Alliance program. Verizon Wireless and Blueforce’s combined expertise focuses on delivering information mobility and advanced situational awareness solutions for human-to-human and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions using Verizon Wireless’ world-class network and services.

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Half-Mile Hailer line Upgrade


AmpliVox Sound Systems, Inc. upgraded its  “Half-Mile Hailer” line of portable PA systems with a red siren alert button. The Hailer is a favorite choice for law enforcement, school administrators, and others who require sound systems for crowd control and emergency preparedness. Adding a siren to the Hailer enhances the ability of officials to issue emergency warnings and crowd control alerts.

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Nextiva PSIM

Product From Verint Systems Inc.

Today’s organizations are flooded with information– more than they can rapidly analyze and use to driveappropriate and timely action.

Nextiva PSIM builds on Verint’s more than 15 years experience in capturing, analyzing, and distilling vast amounts of information to provide actionable intelligence for a variety of security environments.

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Facility Emergency Management


The Department of Homeland Security has announced the adoption of standards for the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep), which seeks to improve private sector preparedness for disasters and emergencies. To help facilities achieve this goal, Emergency Film Group has produced "Facility Emergency Management," a DVD-based training program that will help small and medium-sized organizations develop and implement an emergency plan for use at incidents of all sizes.

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Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset (TACT)


Defense Group Inc (DGI)'s Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset (TACT). will offer software tools and resources to the crisis negotiation team.

Based on national guidance and training for Crisis Negotiation Teams, the TACT solution provides specific tools in the management of hostage and barricade incidents, by building complete situational awareness via digital tools and data specific to the crisis negotiation team and situation.

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