ID-Ready Facial Biometric System

ID-Ready Facial Biometric System

ID-Ready Facial Biometric System Product Image

Animetrics' ID-Ready is a subscription-based online service for smaller law enforcement departments. 

The service takes a grainy, partial view, angulated 2D facial image, applies 2D-to-3D algorithms and corrects the pose of the face, and makes it ID-Ready for most any facial recognition system.

Most facial recognition systems require photos be a frontal view of a face in order to make a positive match. However, most photos studied by law enforcement are of faces that are rotated, “off pose” and are captured by low resolution video security cameras or long distance telephoto surveillance cameras.

Here’s how the system works: law enforcement personnel upload a 2D photo to Animetrics servers at and the ID Ready system applies facial feature point detection (eyes, nose tip, mouth, etc.) to accurately find the face and specify the parts Fine-tuning is possible by the user positioning three red crosshairs over both eyes and tip of the nose.

From there a 3D model is created and a new 2D resultant image that is pose-corrected to zero for facial pitch, yaw, and roll along the x, y and z axis.

ID Ready automatically eliminates any occlusions by using a proprietary symmetric blending algorithm. Users may choose to show the occlusions, which let you toggle between the mirror image view and the actual view of the rotated face, which may include the non-visible part of the angulated face from the original 2D image.

Both versions of the photo can be downloaded as .jpg images for use in any facial recognition system, including Animetrics’ FaceR Identity Management Solution (FIMS).

All network communication with is encrypted over a secure SSL channel. Images uploaded to the system are automatically deleted within two hours. Further, all 3D generated face files are deleted from Animetrics’ servers within two hours.

ID Ready is geared toward smaller police departments who lack the resources to invest in their own facial recognition systems or facial analysis tools such as Animetrics ForensicaGPS. Setting up an account is free, and there are no licensing fees. Animetrics is offering a free trial for five images. There are three pricing tiers:

  • Pay as you go: unlimited images normalized, priced at $9 per image
  • Monthly subscription: $69 per month (renewed automatically unless cancelled) for 50 images, after which customers are billed $9 per image
  • Monthly Prepaid: $599 a year for up to 50 images a month, an annual savings of $230 over the monthly option
  • Call Animetrics for special qualified law enforcement discounts.

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FaceR API for Face Recognition Applications

Product From Animetrics

Animetrics released its first API (application programming interface) for commercial licensing, called FaceR.

FaceR makes it possible for software developers to write programs based on Animetrics’ leading edge technology, which is used today in law enforcement agencies worldwide and within the US Department of Defense. The FaceR API will yield advanced facial recognition applications in the commercial and enterprise market, and represents Animetrics’ first foray into the commercial space.

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FaceSearch Facial Recognition

Product From Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solution's FaceSearch leverages Vigilant’s expertise in image recognition and cloud computing to deliver a facial recognition offering unlike any other on the market.  Available via the web, on mobile devices, and as a PC-based application,

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SCRAM Remote Breath - Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI)

Product From Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc.

Known as Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI), the first-of-its-kind technology is part of a new system called SCRAM Remote Breath,  a portable, handheld breath test system that snaps an offender's picture during a test and digitally matches it to a baseline photo. Offenders sentenced to monitoring with SCRAM Remote Breath carry the mobile device 24/7 and complete unsupervised breath tests either on a set schedule, randomly or on-demand as required by the court. The AFI ensures only the offender sentenced to monitoring is actually taking the breath test.

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AOptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS

Product From AOptix

AOptix has released the AOoptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. AOptix Stratus is a comprehensive mobile identity solution “Made for iPhone” delivering iris, fingerprint, voice and face recognition in one integrated solution. The powerful new Client SDK for iOS unlocks the full potential of the AOptix Stratus platform’s open architecture, enabling an ecosystem of Smart Mobile Identity products and apps. 

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Morpho Lite Face Examiner


Web-based for Mugshots, Lineups and Searches

As an integral part of MorphoBIS, Morpho LFE provides out-of-the-box image processing. This web-based application is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring minimal operator training. Operators can save search probes and selected results as a ‘case’ for later retrieval. LFE also includes various helpful tools to consolidate searches and view potential matches side-by-side.

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MorphoBIS, Next Generation AFIS


Morpho Biometric Identification System or MorphoBIS is an innovative Automated Biometric Identification System, providing real-time identification of suspects and criminals. This powerful and leading-edge AFIS is based upon Morpho's profound level of biometric expertise.

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Livescan Solutions, Cost-Effective, Modular and Multimodal to grow with your needs


MorphoTrak livescan solutions provide powerful biometric acquisition and identification devices to capture fingerprints, palmprints, mugshots, iris images, scars, tattoos, and signatures, as well as documents such as identity cards, driver licenses and e-passports. A choice of cabinet and desktop or portable configurations with intuitive software facilitates efficient multimodal biometric capture in any environment. Find out how MorphoTrak Livescan can grow with your needs at (800) 368-9505 or

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Alticam 09 EO+ Payload - Facial Recognition with Small UAVs

Product From Hood Technology

Hood Technology announced a new facial recognition capability utilizing stabilized airborne video imagery in small, tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (Small-UAVs). 

The company’s new product Alticam 09 EO+ payload extends EO optical zoom to 160X, and delivers a standard definition horizontal field of view of 0.3 degrees.  The imagers are stabilized in HoodTech’s proprietary 4-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal design, and weighs approximately 3.5 kg.

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Product From Animetrics

Animetrics introduced ForensicaGPS, a powerful new facial biometric tool for local, state and federal law enforcement. ForensicaGPS empowers law enforcement to swiftly and accurately identify criminal suspects, even from a low-resolution photo or video surveillance. Its advanced facial forensic tools enable law enforcement to analyze and compare multiple images for faster, more precise identification of suspects.

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Smartphone-enabled Biometrics (VeriFinger Embedded SDK, VeriLook Embedded SDK, MegaMatcher Embedded SDK)


Neurotechnology added to their line of embedded biometric technologies, including VeriFinger Embedded SDK for fingerprint biometrics, VeriLook Embedded SDK for face biometrics and MegaMatcher Embedded SDK

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