InciNotes (1.1.0b1) - ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad

InciNotes (1.1.0b1) - ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad

InciNotes (1.1.0b1) - ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad Product Image

InciNotes is the first ICS 201 Incident Documentation System designed specifically for the iPad. Based off a proven ICS documentation procedure, InciNotes brings incident documentation technology innovations to Emergency Responders who traditionally use paper forms, changing the way Incident Documentation is done. The application enhances the decision-making power of the Incident Commander by simplify the documentation process and highlighting important information, allowing the Incident Commander to keep his focus on the safety of his or her crew.

InciNotes provides the tools to make it easy for the Incident Commander to document his or her Leader's Intent.

Key Features

InciNotes provides comprehensive ICS 201 & ICS 214 documentation tools in an iPad application for "All Risk Incident Management", including: Real-Time Weather reports to obtain a spot weather forecast from National Weather Service; Instant Reports that can be distributed by the Incident Commander to dispatch, division supervisors, or other ICs; Resource Tracking, including logging briefing times, division assignments, time ordered and arrived, and tools to maintain appropriate work/rest ratio; Map Sketching overlaid on Apple's iOS Maps, providing a spatial view of the Incident's perimeter, division locations, and other points-of-interest; and many other exciting features.

Future InciNotes Enhancements & Applications

The InciNotes team has plans for even more exciting features in upcoming versions. Already planned for version 1.1 are exciting features like After Action Reviews; the ability to retrieve and download your spot weather forecast directly from the National Weather Service to InciNotes; Management Objectives as a distinct feature from Operational Objects; and the ability to Export Sketch Data to images and a variety of GIS formats. Future versions of InciNotes already in the planning stages are for the ICS 215 and 215A forms, and an InciNotes HAZMAT ICS 201 Documentation System.

InciNotes 1.1 (1.1.0b1): What's New

  • New Feature: Transfer Incidents from one iPad to a nearby iPad also running InciNotes
  • New Feature: Download completed Spot Forecast Requests from InciNotes
  • New Feature: Separated Management and Operational Objectives into two categories
  • Enhancement: Improved the information displayed for Objectives, Plans, and Hazards on the summary screen
  • Enhancement: An Event's Risk history is recorded in full in Detailed Reports
  • Many Bug Fixes

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