CommandCentral Crime Intelligence Dashboard - Email Reports

CommandCentral Crime Intelligence Dashboard - Email Reports

CommandCentral Crime Intelligence Dashboard - Email Reports Product Image

PublicEngines launched Email Reports for its CommandCentral crime intelligence dashboard. Email Reports allows users to easily create reports that can be scheduled and automatically distributed via email. Now everyone from the chief to patrol officers can receive regular crime report updates in a variety of formats – including roll call lists, line and bar graphs for comparative analysis, and heat maps among others – right in their inbox.  Email Reports is the latest innovation from PublicEngines, a provider of cloud-based solutions that facilitate crime analysis, supply actionable intelligence and increase community engagement for law enforcement, schools, and governments.

Email Reports addresses the obstacles many agencies can face in sharing crime intelligence data by:

  • Increasing agency information flow
  • Providing critical intelligence in the hands of command staff, patrol leaders, officers and others
  • Facilitating information flow to approved stakeholders outside of the agency – like city management or neighboring agencies

Statistics show that too frequently agencies are unable to fully utilize collected data due to a lack of personnel. According to a study, The Integration of Crime Analysis Into Patrol Work: A Guidebook, published by the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2011:

  • 59% of agencies identified a lack of personnel as their single biggest barrier to crime analysis
  • 20% of agencies with crime analysts stated there is neither contact between analysts and front line officers nor a way for those officers easily to receive data

With Email Reports analysts and others can create detailed and custom reports within five minutes, and then email them to any recipient or schedule the report for repeated and automated running and distribution. 

Along with internal audiences, Email Reports allows agencies to distribute important data to outside stakeholders as well, including:

  • City officials
  • Commissioners
  • Neighborhood crime prevention groups
  • Neighboring jurisdictions

“Real-time data and the sharing of information is becoming increasingly important for law enforcement agencies.  CommandCentral is the only crime intelligence dashboard to offer timely reports that you can email," said William Kilmer, CEO of PublicEngines. “This is the latest example of our on-going innovation efforts."

Email Reports provides agencies with seamless, time-saving flexibility. Among the many advantages:

  • Frees analysts from creating reports to focus on analysis
  • Permits frequent and regular intelligence sharing
  • Provides officers with accurate, up-to-date information
  • Expedites decision making based on data

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