ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD Riflescope

ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD Riflescope

ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD Riflescope Product Image

The new ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD riflescope with illuminated Mil-Dot reticle is designed for use by Special Forces, L/E snipers and professional target shooters at distances up to 800 meters. Featuring an adjustable objective for setting zero parallax at distances from 3 meters to infinity, the ZD 4-16x44 RD is exceptionally accurate. ZD tactical target turrets features .05 Mil Rad positive click-stop adjustments for unparalleled repeatability. The elevation turret allows calibration of bullet drop to virtually any known distance and can be easily reset to zero. Featuring an RD illuminated Mil-Dot style reticle, the ZD 4-16x44 enables the shooter to determine quickly and precisely the exact distance of an intended target at almost any range. 

ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD Key Features

Coatings: Proprietary ion assisted lens coatings. MeoBright coating delivers incredibly bright and sharp images across the field of view. MeoDrop hydrophobic coating repels moisture and contaminants. MeoShield coating protects lens surface from abrasions and scratches. 

ZD Illumination: A left side turret controls 7 levels of reticle intensity with intermediate off positions between each setting.

Adjustment: ZD tactical turrets feature .05 Mil Rad positive click-stop adjustments for unparalleled repeatability and tracking performance. The elevation turret allows calibration of bullet drop to extreme distances and can be easily reset to zero.

Construction: The 30 mm one-piece aircraft grade aluminum tube is hard anodized. Nitrogen purged, fog proof and shock proof for life.  Weight: 15.9oz

Warranty: Covered by Meopta’s North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

MSRP:  $1,259.99

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Ezekiel 1-10x24 Riflescope

Product From Sightmark

The highly versatile Sightmark Ezekiel 1-10x24 Riflescope offers optical superiority for precision accuracy at 5 to 1,000 yards. Its true 1x provides crystal clear imaging with both eyes open, while the 10x optical system hones in on far-away prey effortlessly. It is equipped with locking windage and elevation adjustments with up to 200 MOA adjustment range, preventing loss of zero during use.

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X-Sight HD Optic Night Vision Rifle Scope

Product From American Technologies Network (ATN) Corp.

American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) developed a smart HD optics night vision rifle scope line: the ATN X-Sight 3-12x and 5-18X. The X-Sight rifle scopes utilize the newest in electro-optical technologies with an advanced low-light HD sensor providing superb image quality with high resolution at an affordable price.

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Xtreme Tactical Riflescopes (XTR II) Riflescopes


Burris introduced the next generation in tactical optics with the new XTR II line of riflescopes. This feature-packed line-up offers sophisticated reticles and advanced windage and elevation adjustments to give tactical, competitive, and long-range precision rifle shooters a serious optic for extreme use.  

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TICO-Series Thermal Sight Clip-Ons

Product From American Technologies Network (ATN) Corp.

American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, have developed the latest advancement in thermal imaging technology with the ATN TICO-series of thermal clip-ons. The TICO-Series mounts in front of a day-time scope and enables thermal vision in day or nighttime operations. There is no shift of impact, no need to re-zero or change of eye relief. Every individual ATN TICO-Series is tested and aligned to the highest tolerances for perfect alignment every time it’s attached.

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LN-SPRS-6, Special Purpose Riflescope 6.0X

Product From Luna Optics Inc.

Luna Optics, ICT Labs, Ident Marking Services, I2 Technologies and MOD Armory introducing a brand-new 6x version of our Special Purpose Riflescope with super-fast 165mm objective lens providing 6.0x image magnification with edge-to-edge clarity!  High-Resolution ITT Pinnacle, L3 OMNI-8 or our proprietary Recoil-Hardened ICT Labs Gen-III intensifier tubes provide bright images even in the darkest of nights and reliable operation on magnum-size calibers.  Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle features adjustable brightness and 3 colors for better aim in the variety of ambient conditions.  Manual Variable Gain allows user to control the image brightness.  Scope includes AD quick release Weaver/Picatinny mount, remote pressure pad and two moisture-control cartridges.  Power supply allows operation on either 1x3V Lithium battery or 1xAA battery.  Easy-to-install optional Extended Range IR illuminators (models LN-EIR-2 or LN-ELIR-2) allow for operation in total darkness!

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CenterPoint Tactical - 1-4x20 mm Riflescope

Product From Crosman Corp.

CenterPoint, a division of Crosman Corporation, has introduced a new 1-4x20 mm, long eye relief compact riflescope designed for high-powered rifles. 
The CenterPoint 1-4x20 mm riflescope, features a proven, quick-aim, 3 MOA center dot reticle with 65 MOA ring for versatility.

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LN-SPRS-4, Special Purpose Riflescope 4.0X

Product From Luna Optics Inc.

Luna Optics, ICT Labs, Ident Marking Services, I2 Technologies and MOD Armory introduced a brand-new Special Purpose Riflescope with super-fast 110mm objective lens providing 4.0x image magnification!

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AR Scopes (Marskman, Patrolman) and Rings

Product From Traditions Tactical

Traditions Tactical introduced a line of tactical scopes and rings for 2013.

Available for 2013 the AR Marksman scope is offered in matte black and is available in two different models – 3-12x44 and 4-16x44. The Marksman also includes a parallax adjustment from 10 yards and up. These scopes have an illuminated mil dot reticle in both green and red. Additionally, the Marksman scope has a 30mm tube for maximum light gathering. MSRP for either model is $199.99.

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ATN MARS4x-WPT Gen WPT Night Vision Scope

Product From Night Vision 4 Less

From Night Vision 4 Less

The ATN's Mars Night Vision Weapon Sights has a new flagship: the ATN MARS4x-WPT. Inspired by ATN's quest for technical perfection and named after the Roman God of War, the ATN MARS4x-WPT Riflescope represents the absolute latest in the world of Night Vision. Similar to all ATN Aries Scopes, the ATN MARS features only the purest grades of heavy glass and computer-aided optical designs to create multi-element, high-speed, multicoated lenses for ultra-fast light transmission and resolution beyond current military standards. All optical lenses on the ATN MARS4x-WPT Scope are individually fitted and calibrated to achieve optimum performance.

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Dual Aperture Gunsight Riflescope (DAGR)

Product From Leupold & Stevens Inc.

Leupold introduced the next generation in long-range and close-quarter hybrid battlefield optics with the Dual Aperture Gunsight Riflescope (DAGR), the next generation of integrated optical aiming systems for modern small arms.

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