Arcus Records Management System

Arcus Records Management System

Arcus Records Management System Product Image

Anima Solutions announced the debut of Arcus, the company’s new Records Management System (RMS).

Available now, and aimed at small- to mid-sized law enforcement agencies, Arcus gives records clerks and administrators unheard-of flexibility in records management.  With document and image attachment management, easy navigation, two powerful search engines, and no-excuses customization, Arcus conforms to an agency’s own procedural requirements, without being handcuffed by uncooperative software and inflexible software vendors.

Arcus is so customizable, it allows any agency to implement its own agency-specific configuration and design of the Arcus system.  Those who have used Arcus report that the software can conform exactly to their own workflows, while offering ease-of-use, multi-access record searches, and the ability to share records with other platforms and external agencies.

Arcus offers a series of remarkable features including an always-on-top menu bar, which accesses all of Arcus’ software modules, and a scrolling alert system that contains administrator-defined “major” and “minor” alerts.  A sidebar within Arcus contains a list of all files and items associated with any record on screen, so users can get an at-a-glance universal view of any open record.  These items can be double-clicked to easily navigate to any related file throughout the system.  Images and documents of any type can be attached and saved within Arcus records, and image icons offer one-click capability to view images in larger scale.  Documents and images can also be double-clicked to be auto-opened in Windows programs.  Other Arcus features include integrated windows domain security, flexible permissions, and the ability to scale Arcus to the needs of the agency, from small-scale (with just the base set of modules) to a capability that provides mobile computing, web-based apps, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), or any module that fills the needs of a mid-sized city. 

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Total Track System Barcode Tracking for Law Enforcement

Product From DYNAMIC SYSTEMS INC - Barcode Tracking Systems

CheckMate Equipment Manager for Law Enforcement was developed for those Agencies who want to have better control over their many pieces of police gear and to save time tracking down critical pieces of equipment.  The software uses fast and accurate barcode technology for check in/check out of the equipment. Know where it is, when it is due back, and whether it needs maintenance.

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Product From TASER INT'L

Recognizing that law enforcement agencies often rely on manual practices to transfer sensitive electronic evidence – including videos, photos and audio recordings – to district attorneys (DAs) and other outside parties,

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Visual Alert

Product From MetroAlert

MetroAlert, a leading provider of public safety software solutions serving agencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, today announced it has partnered with CARFAX to provide an integrated solution for law enforcement agencies. MetroAlert customers using its

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ONESolution Freedom App

Product From SunGard Public Sector

Freedom delivers the power of ONESolution Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) into the palm of your hand. A mobile app for public safety, SunGard Public Sector's Freedom extends core CAD and RMS functionality to authorized employees' smartphones and tablets. Part of the ONESolution Public Safety & Justice software suite, Freedom is available on Apple's iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android, for devices with a 3G signal or better.

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Product From TIBURON INC.

Tiburon announced its newest public safety software offering - IQResponse - at the APCO tradeshow in Philadelphia. IQResponse consists of a suiote of components that were designed and built from the ground-up to be fully integrated. The modules include a computer-assisted dispatching product (IQResponse CAD), records modules for law enforcement, fire and EMS departments (IQResponse Law and IQResponse Fire), a mobility product IQResponse Mobile, including an iPad option) and a jail management/records product (IQResponse Jail). The IQResponse product suite has attracted the strongest interest from mid-sized agencies for it's functionality, affordable price and quick deployment.

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LexisNexis Accurint for Law Enforcement: Mobile - 2011 Innovation Awards Winner


LexisNexis Risk Solutions today announced the availability of the Accurint Mobile application for Apple iPhone and iPad. Accurint Mobile connects government and law enforcement agencies to more than thirty billion public records and critical investigative tools needed to verify information in the field, and rapidly follow-up on new leads as they develop.

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EJustice Solutions


EJustice Solutions upgraded their SaaS environment encryption to the latest and most secure option available.

EJS is now FIPS 140-2 compliant offering full 256 bit AES encryption as the primary option for users connecting to EJustice Online. In order to address agencies with older workstations and operating systems EJS also offers 128 bit AES as an alternative for those who require it. All encryption options are FIPS 140-2 compliant per the latest CJIS policy requirements. 

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CCURE 9000 Security and Event Management system


OnSSI released a new software module that integrates OnSSI’s video management system with the latest version (v1.93) of Software House’s C•CURE 9000 security and event management system.

The integration with OnSSI enhances the C•CURE 9000 event management capabilities with a full IP-video toolset, allowing users to instantly launch video associated with access control events, visually verify and investigate activity at access points and receive events from the video system - turning the C•CURE 9000 control panel effectively into a powerful video client.

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The Rockwell Collins iForce design integrates radio, electronics and computer functions into a single user-friendly system that answers an officer's on-scene needs for communication, control and security while enhancing situational awareness. The design leverages the company's expertise in providing ruggedized, highly reliable integrated electronics and communications solutions for military vehicles and aircraft.

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InterAct Connections Framework


Integral components of the InterAct Connections Framework, a comprehensive set of integrated applications, processes and systems designed to support an emergency response operations' full incident lifecycle through a seamlessly connected workflow. Known as the most feature-rich, easy-to-use CAD software, InterActCAD makes it easy for dispatchers to quickly collect and evaluate critical incident information and respond in the best way possible. InterActGIS is a dynamic dispatch mapping application that displays wired and wireless caller locations, landmarks, aerial and satellite imagery, specific structure photos, and other geo-based items necessary to direct a successful response. InterActLaw is a fully featured law records management solution that allows officers to do reporting on their in-cruiser laptops, which provides increased visibility of the police force, faster resolution of cases, on-the-go retrieval of clear and comprehensive reports and reduced roadside down-time related citations.

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