COBRA Banker Inmate Banking Software

COBRA Banker Inmate Banking Software

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When you choose Swanson Services Corporation, you team up with the corrections industry’s top developer of correctional financial software. Twenty years ago, our proprietary trust fund accounting software set the standard as the industry’s first comprehensive software program designed specifically to automate resident trust funds and property management.

Today’s version is a powerful, robust, fully-integrated toolbox of financial and communications solutions developed against the tough challenges of today’s corrections industry. Installed in more than 600 correctional clients throughout the United States, Cobra Banker is the software-of-choice for facilities that want to streamline fiduciary processes—so they can reallocate precious resources where they’re needed most. This powerful software manages your entire resident banking process, stretches shrinking budgets, and even reveals new sources of revenue.

Cobra Banker is proven to deliver more overall efficiency than any other correctional software program. The reasons are twofold:

Cobra Banker reduces labor costs

You’ll simply use muchless people-power to accomplish so much more. Cobra Banker is particularly easy to use and features a far-reaching menu of resident money-management. A powerful suite of software and hardware solutions provides dependability, full accountability and greater resident fiduciary control than is possible through manual processes or other correctional industry software.

Cobra Banker generates additional revenue

Cobra Banker, working alone or with a variety of software modules and kiosk solutions, will grow facility revenue in three significant ways:

  1. Through its ability to create and efficiently manage receivables, Cobra Banker generates revenue from new receivable sources and maximizes revenue from existing sources.
  2. Our Cobra Kiosk resident housing kiosks integrate with Cobra Banker to automate commissary ordering and manage funds availability. Better access to funds encourages residents to maximize their commissary orders.
  3. Our Cobra Cashier lobby kiosk makes it simple for friends and family to supplement resident accounts—unassisted—with either cash, credit or debit cards. The results include larger account balances, more funds available to service debt, a substantial increase in overall resident spending power—and lower facility labor costs attributable to your new self-service deposit capability.

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GUARDIAN RFID Arrestee Management System

Product From Codex Corp.

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System in partnership with the Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Fla., unveiled the first-ever radio-frequency identification (RFID) Arrestee Management System to accelerate the speed and accuracy with which arrestees are captured, identified, and managed from the point of arrest to release.

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Relief for the staggering volume of citizen phone calls is available for U.S. jails of all sizes from Telerus. Citizen phone calls inundate local jails, devouring resources and exacerbating budget-driven understaffing woes. Answering repetitive questions, staff members frequently sound like broken records while struggling to keep up and maintain job accuracy with other critical tasks such as booking and release. Meanwhile, citizens dealing with horrific situations of arrested loved ones are commonly frustrated by busy signals, extended holds, and no answers. AIS, the nation’s only hosted voice automation service for jails, is now available on a stand-alone basis. This innovative service automates approximately 80 percent of incoming phone calls without jail staffs lifting a finger, resulting in dramatic improvement to citizen service and much-needed budget relief.

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COSS (Correction Officer Scheduling System)


Developing an automated scheduling and time/attendance solution that manages the intricate day-to-day operations of correctional and jail management environments is no easy task.  COSS (Correction Officer Scheduling System) is a system that has been designed for the sole purpose of managing the laborious workforce processes encountered by correctional agency and jail management personnel on a daily basis.

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The Iscon GameChangeIR uses a patented Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System that only shows objects under clothing without any harmful radiation. It will reveal the thermal imprint of any material -- plastic, paper, wood, and ceramics as well as metal. But it will not scan under clothing, so there are no privacy issues. GameChangeIR is more effective than an X-Ray machine detecting objects hidden in “sensitive” hiding places. The device consists of an imaging display terminal as well as the specially designed hand-held infrared scanner and platform people stand on to be checked. It uses standard AC power. The Iscon system is also available in a larger whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, for use in commercial security areas. A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds so people can quickly move through security areas.

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Mobile GIS

Product From Esri

Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information for rapid decision making. ArcGIS Mobile and ArcPad

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Digital PhotoManager


DataWorks Plus' Digital PhotoManager is an investigative mugshot and booking records management system that is used to collect, protect, manage, store, search, and run reports for all an agency's mugshot data. This system gives the agency the quality, speed, and cost saving benefits of being digital. The company's high resolution digital imaging exceeds all NIST recommendations.

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Public Safety Software


The best decisions in an emergency situation depend on fast, easy access to critical information. Global Software's product suite includes integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), wireless mobile, automated vehicle location (AVL), law enforcement records management (RMS), and jail management (JMS) applications for the public safety industry.

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Public Safety System Software Suite


DaProSystems offers a complete suite of software and service solutions for Public Safety Agencies including Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Data, Field Reporting, Civil Process, Data Sharing, Crime Analysis and Custom Solutions.

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Jail Solutions


Jail Solutions simplifies the process of jail records management for simple bookings for holding facilities, full jails, prisons, detention centers and other law enforcement agencies. This software provides a method to record all pertinent information at the time of arrest, such as: Basic Inmate Information, Quick Booking/Release, Description, Visual Assessment, State Information, Offenses, Billing Information, Personal Property and Agency-Issued Property. This program offers such added benefits as – Warrant Management, Mugshots, Line-Ups, AFIS Interface, Census Reports, Assessment Questionnaires and much more. For a Full Jail Management System, add-on the features of Inmate Commissary (Accounting) and Inmate Healthcare.

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ArcGIS Server

Product From Esri

ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses, models, and more. With ArcGIS Server's rich standards-based platform, centrally managed, high-performance GIS applications and services can be accessed throughout an organization using browser-based, desktop, or mobile clients.

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