My Police Department (MyPD) App (iPhone, Android)

My Police Department (MyPD) App (iPhone, Android)

My Police Department (MyPD) App (iPhone, Android) Product Image

WiredBlue announced version 2 of their popular My Police Department (MyPD) iPhone & Android

The app allows users to sign up to follow their local police department, send in tips, ask questions about law enforcement, commend an officer and more.

Pending app approval, the version 2 update will be available in the next 1-2 weeks for the iPhone and Android.

Users can currently download version 1 of the free app by searching for MyPD on iTunes or Google Play.

With iPhone and Android representing over 85-percent of the smartphone market, police departments can reach almost all of their smartphone carrying citizens. According to recent reports, apps are used to access the web approximately 82-percent of the time, outpacing mobile browsers.

There are now almost 100 law enforcement agencies across the United States and Canada either currently using or enrolled to use the app. Agencies include local, state, and college police departments.

Known as a budget-friendly addition to police departments’ technology toolbox, the average police department using MyPD pays only a few hundred dollars per year for the native apps, including support and future releases.

Compare that to the initial cost to have a custom-built police app with the same, or sometimes fewer features, which can range into the tens of thousands of dollars. 

The MyPD model is based on agencies sharing a resource to drive down costs and avoid duplication efforts. 

One of the four main strategy principles of the Digital Government whitepaper on is a shared platform approach and MyPD is meeting many of the suggested priciples. Agencies are using the MyPD app because it provides all the features they need, lowers costs, and saves time. Also key to the platform is that as more agencies join it becomes a more powerful app for the public.

For the past year, citizens have been able to interact with the department of their choosing. With a few clicks, they can submit crime tips, send questions, take surveys, or receive the latest news. More and more police departments are reaching out to their citizens through social media and technology and MyPD allows these departments to connect with a mobile audience in a proactive way.

With the newiPhone & Android app versions, Police Departments can now offer citizens over 22 features, including the following app options:
• Commend an Officer or Employee;
• Questions & Feedback with Photo & GPS;
• Submit a Tip with Photos & GPS;
• Encrypted Forms;
• Push Notifications;
• Citizen Surveys;
• Most Wanted.

As always, the MyPD app is free to download and use and doesn’t have advertisements. MyPD does not require users to sign up or sign in to use the app.

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