MASS and Tango Jackets, Pro-Set Suspension System

MASS and Tango Jackets, Pro-Set Suspension System

MASS and Tango Jackets, Pro-Set Suspension System Product Image

Mission Adaptable Soft Shell (M.A.S.S.) Jacket

  • Full range of motion
  • 4-Way stretch material: Extremely breathable, Wind and water resistant, Black only
  • Layers with Tango Shell: STORMFORCE Component System
  •  Athletic inspired torso for comfort under external carrier
  • Sizes SM-2XL
  • MSRP $159.99
Additional charges for larger sizes

Tango Shell Jacket

  • Gore-Tex 3 Layer Laminate
  • Windproof, Waterproof, highly breathable
  • Colors: Black, Navy Midnight
  • Sizes SM-2XL
Additional charges for larger sizes

Pro-Set Suspension System

  • Improved blunt impact performance
  • Long lasting comfort
  • Improved helmet stability
  • Can be maintained by user

The rate of traumatic brain injuries in personnel returning from the current theaters of operation is higher than in the past conflicts. Although we have seen marked improvements in vehicle and personal armor, an increase in head injuries due to blast and ballistic impact has been observed. High Impact Technology, LLC took on the challenge to provide the most comprehensive helmet suspension system available that addresses optimal comfort, stability and shock mitigation designed for the vast array of combat conditions. Pro-Set helmet suspension system is ready to protect the warfighter's most valuable battlefield asset.


Each Pro-Set suspension system is comprised of five oval and six trapezoidal pads that have been carefully designed to achieve maximum balance, stability and comfort, while providing the proper size, fit and ventilation. This suspension system provides superior impact protection for all mission tasks, to include Static Line and Military Free Fall airborne operations.


The Pro-Set suspension system has been extensively tested in both laboratory and field settings to ensure that all fit and function objectives are achieved. The Pro-Set technology is available commercially off-the shelf (COTS).


Internal and independent studies have demonstrated that the Pro-Set suspension system provides improved blunt and ballistic impact protection while retaining maximum comfort to the warfighter. This technology has also proven to be compatible with equipment typically worn in concert with the helmet system.

Key Attributes

  • Improved blunt impact performance
  • Improved helmet comfort
  • Improved helmet stability 
  • Reduction in required pad inventory to outfit helmets
  • Improved helmet compatibility with equipment typically worn under the ACH renders helmet positively buoyant 
  • Improved acoustical performance of helmet

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24-7 Series - Quick-Dry Operators/Contractor Cap

Product From TRU-SPEC


  • High performance baseball style cap
  • Quick drying and mositure wicking anti-microbial fabric
  • 50+ UV certified protection
  • Laser cut mesh back
  • Available with or without the TRU-SPEC logo
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24-7 Series - LE Softshell Jacket

Product From TRU-SPEC
  • Lightweight, wind and water resistant material, providing room for the use of ballistic vests or holstered firearms
  • Soft brushed interior for performance & comfort
  • Built to stretch for comfort and mobility
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27-7 Series - Weathershield Lightweight Rain Jacket

Product From TRU-SPEC
  • Lightweight 2.5 oz., 100% tactical nylon
  • 3-layer windproof, waterproof, breathable material Taped seam construction
  • Brimmed hood with drawstring to keep rain off face and neck
  • Waist adjustment in front hand pockets
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24-7 Series - Element Jacket

Product From TRU-SPEC


  • Warm, breathable & machine washable
  • Synthetic insulation for lightweight construction 8" side zippers and deep front pockets
  • Fully functional liner can be worn separately
  • Elasticized cuffs
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Officers can now more sensor coverage with the irTactical system through the irHeadband. This lightweight and easy to clean device wirelessly connects with the irTactical system and offers even more realistic training. The irHeadband is adjustable and fits on most heads, plus it can be worn over most hats and helmets. Officers can wear it with the irVest, a MOLLE style sensing vest for the torso, or opt to wear the headband only. 

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Heat Stress Prevention Vests

Product From Steele Vest

Hot weather is coming, are you ready?   Prevent heat stress and WORK COOLER, SAFER AND LONGER with Steele Body Cooling Vests.  Steele has 30 years of experience combating heat stress plus independent testing documenting the effectiveness of our Steele Body Cooling Vests.   

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Tactical Response Uniform - MultiCam Black Pattern

Product From TRU-SPEC

TRU-SPEC, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has added the MultiCam Black pattern to their popular Tactical Response Uniform selections, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments.

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BLACK Mission Specific Tactical Helmets (ACH, PASGT, Scout)

Product From Tacprogear LLC

Tacprogear, a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe, will be unveiling their new “American Made – Mission Specific” tactical helmets under the Tacprogear BLACK brand name at the International Trade Fair MILIPOL 2013. The three new helmets, built to high performance standards under different tactical applications for law enforcement, military and government security personnel include the Tacprogear BLACK ACH helmet, the Tacprogear BLACK PASGT and Tacprogear BLACK Scout helmets.

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Fur Caps

Product From Stratton Hats

Sizes 6-1/2 to 7-7/8. Fur: genuine Mouton No. 1 Processed Lamb. Lined and insulated with DuPont Dacron and waterproof acetate quilted lining. Shell of genuine Uniroyal Doelon, which is wind resistant and weatherproofed. Wipes clean with soap and water. Strap with snap fasteners. Caps are also available in an economical synthetic fur

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S-44DB Straw Border Patrol

Product From Stratton Hats

National Park Service Summer dress hat. Same shape as F-44 National Park Service felt hat. Three pyramid stacked vent eyelets on each side of crown. Brim 3 1/8" wide. No ribbon or brim and badge eyelet holes. Foam sweatband. Brim eyelets standard. Available in tan only.

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