Nightstick TAC-500 Series Polymer & Metal Multi-Function Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights

Nightstick TAC-500 Series Polymer & Metal Multi-Function Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights

Nightstick TAC-500 Series Polymer & Metal Multi-Function Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights Product Image

A bright tactical light can uncover unforeseen dangers, disorient a threat, and can even serve as a defensive weapon if or when the situation mandates it. In addition to being used by law enforcement officials around the world for these specific purposes, experts suggest that every person own and carry a tactical flashlight for safety—especially in situations where other defensive weapons may not be an option. There are of course requirements to consider when trying to get the most from a flashlight such as this, and consumers are finding that the Nightstick TAC-500 Series has them all.

According to aN article by Brett and Kate McKay, there are several requirements of a tactical flashlight to qualify it as an adequate source of both light and protection. These include: being small enough to carry in a pocket; providing an output of at least 120 lumens; offering simplicity in its functionality; having a waterproof, ruggedly constructed design; and being equipped with an LED light.

The Nightstick TAC-500 Series from Bayco Products, Inc. meets all these requirements and more. Law enforcement and consumers alike will find that all of the models in the TAC-500 Series offer:

  • Compact Size—At only 6.25 inches in length, a handle diameter of 1.035 inches and head diameter of 1.25 inches, it’s one of the smallest, most powerful tactical lights on the market.
  • Brightness—Using a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector with an optimized design and position, its 200 lumens result in a tightly-focused long throw beam with a range of over 688 feet.
  • Simple to Use—With a multi-function tail cap switch, users can access a variety of settings with the push of a single button; includes momentary or constant-on, three user-selectable brightness settings, and disorienting strobe.
  • Rugged Design—Three of the products in the TAC-500 series (TAC-500B, TAC-500T, TAC-500Y) are made from glass-filled nylon polymer, while the TAC-550B is made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a type III hard-anodized finish. All are IP-X7 waterproof, chemical resistant, and have been drop rated at 2 meters.
  • LED Light—The CREE LED light in the TAC-500 Series is the industry’s number one rated LED.

As an added bonus, the TAC-500 series comes in a variety of colors including black polymer (TAC-500B), tan polymer (TAC-500T), yellow polymer (TAC-500Y), and black metal (TAC-550B). It also includes a rechargeable battery with a CR-123 battery carrier for backup power.

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Adamson Industries Corp. announced a new product from Whelen Engineering, the 600 Series Surface Mount Rota- Beam. A Super-LED rotating light with no moving parts. 

The Rota-Beam Series features 180 degree horizontal light spread, 14 Scan-Lock flash patterns and is 100% solid state. This mid-sized surface mount lighthead with wide angle LEDs that include redesigned spreader optic lenses, fill the lighthead evenly with light, rivaling strobe in intensity but with all the advantages of LED. The Rota-Beam Series surface mount light is moisture and vibration resistant, SAE Class 1 Certified and the lenses are hard coated to resist scratches, salt or chemical damage and UV degradation. Specs include a low current draw of 2.2 Amps, dimensions: 4-3/16" H x 6-9/16" L x 3- 7/16" D and a five year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.

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