Tactical Logo Belt

Tactical Logo Belt

Tactical Logo Belt Product Image

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has introduced its new tactical Logo Belt, the latest member of the company's family of Custom Logo items. 

The Logo Belt's innovative design and high-quality nylon materials provide the size and strength needed to fully support a public safety professional's tactical equipment, such as batons, flashlights, radios and guns. "Our new Logo Belt is heavy and stiff, never floppy, which is critical for police officers who are carrying a number of tools and weapons on their belts, " said ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, PhD.

The Logo Belt is available in either 1.5 and 1.75 inch width models. The belt has a custom nylon weave design that is full-bodied and rigid with a distinctive stitch line accenting the top and bottom edges. The tip of the belt is also uniquely reinforced for added durability.

In addition, the Logo Belt has a hidden, leather handcuff key pocket located on the inside of the belt. ASP's standard key, the ASP Pentagon Handcuff Key, will fit in the pocket.

The buckle of the tactical Logo Belt can be customized with a department, division or team logo. A ¾-inch medallion can be placed in the inset on the front of the belt. ASP will waive the die and set-up fees for custom logos with a minimum order of 20 medallions. This discount is part of ASP's popular Custom Logo program. ??"Our Custom Logo program not only saves money, it provides agencies and security teams the opportunity to promote themselves and their institutions with the added touch of visual prestige," said Parsons.

The Logo Belt is currently available in black with an MSRP of $16.50.

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Zero-G Plates System, Sierra Bravo Duty Belt

Product From 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of tactical gear, today introduced the Zero-G Plates System, a revolutionary load-bearing technology that makes law enforcement officers’ duty gear feel lighter, more comfortable and secure. Compatible with Zero-G Plates, 5.11 Tactical has also unveiled the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt.

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Range Series Holsters

Product From Safariland Group (The)

The Range Series of holsters was developed for rugged use on the range, whether by competition shooters, range instructors or shooting enthusiasts. The 5195, specifically designed for female torsos, features an offset belt loop ensuring the user an easy, straight up draw.  The key feature of the 5197 is a soft, laminate belt loop, that allows for a close ride on the hip and helps to eliminate common belt bulging found with hard belt loops. Both holsters are built with a trigger guard detent and adjustable tension device, which helps secure the gun in the holster during rigorous activity. The Range Series holsters feature durable SafariLaminate wraparound construction with a rugged STX finish that helps resist scratches; available now in Black, FDE Brown, OD and Foliage Green.

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OBB (Orion Battle Belt)


(Formerly the "Cingulum")

Hard Point Tactical's new OBB battle-belt system with Atlas support-strips moves the majority of an operator's upper body equipment weight to the hips, thus improving comfort, while nonetheless keeping the load and its support platform independent, so as to preserve mobility.

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Low-Pro Underbelt


Low-Profile Underbelt for our Cingulum and Triarii battlebelts.  Dual adjust (from either side).

Will also work with any other outerbelt system with a loop/pile surface to lock to.

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Triarii Battle Belt


(Same as the Cingulum Battle-Belt in every way except for an extended back section).

Hard Point Tactical's new Triarii battle-belt with Atlas support-strips moves the majority of an operator's upper body equipment weight to the hips, thus improving comfort, while nonetheless keeping the load and its support platform independent, so as to preserve mobility.

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212 Tactical Belt Clip System

Product From ZAK TOOL

Features of the Zak Tool Tactical Belt Clip System:

  • Compatible with most drop leg holsters & thigh rigs
  • Metal construction replaces plastic hardware
  • One hadn operation provides quick attach & release
  • Mates with ZT55 tactical keyring holder
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Lightweight Duty Belt (Model 4832)

Product From Safariland, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland introduced the Model 4832 Lightweight Duty Belt, a design that is almost 30 percent lighter than other traditional equipment belts and helps to solve an issue that police officers face daily: an overloaded duty belt weighing down their hips.

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Instructor Belt


CrossBreed Holsters' Instructor Belt offers the same quality as their original gun belts and their recently introduced Dress Belt.

The Instructor Belt offers a clean, buckle-less design intended for comfort and a sharp, professional appearance. CrossBreed's "sturdy, but not too stiff" Instructor Belt provides you with even weight distribution of your gear, ensuring stability and comfort. Add the basket weave option and you have a belt that will look just as good out on the town as it does on the range.

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SpeedSet Duty Belt System

Product From DutySmith

SpeedSet, by DutySmith, is a revolutionary duty belt system designed to alleviate the pinching, bruising, irritation and pain caused by traditional duty belts, without compromising strength or performance.

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Unitized Duty Gear

Product From Duckbill Law

All agencies have musculoskeletal pain, discomfort and cost in their ranks. Duckbill Unitized Duty Gear interlocks, or, unitizes, duty belts and accessory modules into a secure and functional unitized whole that blends equal parts of safety, comfort and functionality. A unitized duty gear system securely links all accessory modules, and both belts, on all 360 degrees of the user's waist. Unitized technology prevents Duckbill duty belts from bouncing. The unitized approach also prevents duty gear accessories from migrating out of the last, and best, position assigned to them. Muscle memory training is optimized. Comfort is optimized. System integrity is maintained throughout. Duckbill is the only manufacturer of unitized duty gear systems for modern law enforcement, corrections, tactical response, first responders, EMT’s and military users.

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