CyanoSafe Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

CyanoSafe Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

CyanoSafe Filtered Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber Product Image


AirClean Systems CyanoSafe filtered cyanoacrylate fuming chambers provide safe, automated latent fingerprint development.

The CyanoSafe filtered cyanoacrylate fuming chamber is designed to safely and effectively process evidentiary items using the cyanoacrylate fuming method. It provides a controlled environment for processing latent fingerprints on most nonporous surfaces, while eliminating personnel exposure to hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes.

The fuming process is completely automated by the included AirSafe™ automatic safety controller. Simply insert the evidence, fill the water and cyanoacrylate wells, close the door and press start. Immediately the door locks to prevent accidental cyanoacrylate exposure during development. Solid-state heating elements accelerate cyanoacrylate polymerization while providing proper humidity levels inside the chamber. Automatic temperature shut-off prevents potentially dangerous over-heating of cyanoacrylate. Recirculation fans assure even distribution of cyanoacrylate fumes and humidity.

Included bonded carbon filtration is utilized at cycle end to capture cyanoacrylate fumes before the door is allowed to open. This filter is specially blended for cyanoacrylate and the unique bonded carbon construction does not release carbon dust like traditional granular carbon filters.

Each CyanoSafe fuming chamber is constructed of seamless, thermally-welded polypropylene. Polypropylene provides long service life, is resistant to corrosion and can easily be cleaned of cyanoacrylate residue.

A variety of sizes are available, ranging from small table-top units to 72” wide cabinets.

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DNAscan - Rapid DNA Analysis System

Product From GE Healthcare Life Sciences

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is a fast, rugged, and easy-to-use rapid DNA analysis system developed to enable law enforcement agencies to process DNA samples in under 90 minutes, thereby helping to accelerate the criminal investigation process. 

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Aire-Stream Fume Hood

Product From HEMCO Corp.

The Aire-Stream Fume Hood is constructed entirely of chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials and features an exclusive “Unitized” construction that does not require screws, bolts, rivets, or metallic hardware to assemble.  The fume chamber is molded one piece seamless with all corners coved for easy cleaning and light reflectivity. This series of fume hoods is UL 1805 certified and is offered in 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” widths in either constant air volume or restricted bypass models.  The new Aire-Stream Fume Hood is a high performance fume hood that maximizes user protection and energy savings. This hood is equipped with a 36” high extended view height, exclusive slotted rear VaraFlow baffle system, aerodynamic sash lift with perforated air-sweep feature, and molded-in belled outlet collar for reduced airflow resistance. Hood is shipped completely assembled and can include a wide selection of accessories that can be factory installed to meet your specific need.  Work surfaces in a variety of materials and a choice of base cabinets including acid or flammable storage are optional as required. 

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Tactivo Mobile Device Security

Product From Precise Biometrics Inc.

Technology Partners

ABnote’s End-to-End ID Management platform is secure, configurable, and scalable; and can manage the credential from enrollment to issuance via secure card and/or mobile device.

ABnote’s end-to-end vehicle registration solution combats vehicle theft and associated crimes by providing a complete solution that fits in seamlessly into law enforcement’s existing processes. Law enforcement personnel simply attach the Precise Biometrics Tactivo sleeve into their iPhone or Android phones, and they can read the card holder data from the smart card and verify that the card holder is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

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Plastic COM-PAX-IAL Blower


Allegro Industries manufactures the most comprehensive line of plastic and metal ventilation blowers on the market.  The new 8" Plastic COM-PAX-IAL Blower model with canister features 50’ of ducting. The unit is made of durable lightweight corrosion, UV, and chemical-resistant polyethylene, with sturdy, easy-grip handles molded directly into the blower and canister housing. This unique design with tools-free canister locking system allows the user to remove the canister and ducting from the outlet side and attach it to the inlet side in a matter of seconds. The weather-resistant canister unit now houses the option of 50', 25' or 15’ of ducting.

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Fiber Duster Fingerprint Brush

Product From Lynn Peavey Co.

By far and away our most popular powder applicator! Each Fiber Duster Fingerprint Brush is handmade by us to ensure optimum results when dusting for prints. This brush actually breaks in like a pair of jeans...the longer you use it, the better it feels and performs.

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Chemical Resistant Island Canopy Hoods

Product From HEMCO Corp.

Rust Proof Chemical Resistant Island Canopy Hoods


HEMCO Island Canopy Hoods are ideal to locate over peninsulas and are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, heat, steam and odors when mounted over areas with water baths, hot plates or portable equipment. Manufactured of molded one-piece composite resin, canopy hoods are lightweight and can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The canopy fume hood’s glass smooth surfaces provide superior chemical, corrosion and heat resistance. Optional side panels prevent cross drafts and further improve airflow while providing a way to contain chemical spills.

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Product From Cellebrite

Cellebrite, the leading developer and provider of mobile data forensic solutions, today announced the launch of the UFED 4PC and UFED TK. Together with the UFED Touch, UFED 4PC and UFED TK constitute the first and only complete series of mobile forensic solutions across dedicated single purpose and general purpose PC-based hardware platforms to accommodate the broadest range of lab and field use cases. UFED 4PC is designed for customers who require a convenient, cost-effective way to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a single PC of their choosing. UFED TK supports users who seek to extract and analyze mobile forensic data on a pre-configured PC hardware platform. UFED 4PC may be installed on any Windows-based PC, while UFED TK features the UFED 4PC software pre-installed and configured on a rugged PC hardware platform available directly from Cellebrite.

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AOptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS

Product From AOptix

AOptix has released the AOoptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. AOptix Stratus is a comprehensive mobile identity solution “Made for iPhone” delivering iris, fingerprint, voice and face recognition in one integrated solution. The powerful new Client SDK for iOS unlocks the full potential of the AOptix Stratus platform’s open architecture, enabling an ecosystem of Smart Mobile Identity products and apps. 

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MorphoBIS, Next Generation AFIS


Morpho Biometric Identification System or MorphoBIS is an innovative Automated Biometric Identification System, providing real-time identification of suspects and criminals. This powerful and leading-edge AFIS is based upon Morpho's profound level of biometric expertise.

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Fast ID with MorphoIDent


Establish Identity in the morgue or in the field with the MorphoIDent from Morphotrak. These mobile devices are assisting law enforcement in many situations, including:

• FBI RISC Searches
• Determining if the person has any outstanding warrants

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