Ammunition - Federal, Hornady, Remington and Force-On-Force

Ammunition - Federal, Hornady, Remington and Force-On-Force

Ammunition - Federal, Hornady, Remington and Force-On-Force Product Image knows practice, recertification and daily duty demands dramatically impact ammunition supplies of law enforcement agencies across the country. Strategic response to the situation has allowed to take aim on tight supplies and long wait times. With a wide variety of ammunition in-stock from Federal, Hornady, Remington and Force-On-Force is prepared to meet your ammunition.

Federal Premium Law Enforcement Ammunition

You put it all on the line every time you put on your badge. Expect nothing less from your ammunition. Federal Premium provides the top quality products you need to have full confidence in any situation. That's why offers several different duty loads in all the calibers you use.

Tactical HST: Tactical HST is the newest addition to Federal Ammunition offering consistent expansion and optimum penetration for terminal performance. Available in a bonded and non-bonded version, HST offers one of the best values in Premium Duty ammo available.

Tactical Hydra-Shok: These loads remain a popular choice for accuracy and overall ballistic performance. The notched copper jacket controls penetration and a unique center-post hollow-point design provides controlled expansion and efficient energy transfer for incredible performance. This bonded round is a good choice for officers looking for consistent performance when shooting through intermediate barriers.

American Eagle: An affordable option for the range, designed for the high volume shooter with Full Metal Jacket bullets and top quality components. At you will find the most popular law enforcement calibers known for their accuracy, reliability, and proven performance on the street.

Hornady Tactical Application Police (TAP) Ammunition

223 Rem TAP: These loads are a unique offering to Law Enforcement professionals, combining reliable functioning with consistent performance, low muzzle signature, and exceptional accuracy in 40, 55, 60 and 62 grain bullets and a 75 grain offering match accuracy. These rounds provide enhanced terminal performance through rapid expansion and complete bullet fragmentation. Yet these highly effective bullets will penetrate soft body armor making them an excellent choice for patrol rifle programs and SWAT teams

5.56 NATO: Many rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO are not realizing their full potential because they are shooting 223 Rem ammo. To get all the performance your 5.56 NATO can deliver, you need a Hornady high octane 5.56 NATO load. Your 5.56 NATO chambered rifle was designed to take advantage of the higher pressure of the 5.56 NATO cartridge — which translates to higher velocity, higher energy and harder-hitting performance.

Combined, the longer throat area or free bore along with a higher maximum chamber pressure of the 5.56 NATO cartridge allow for higher propellant charges; greatly increasing velocity for superior downrange performance. Firing 223 Remington ammunition in a 5.56 NATO chamber creates a reduction in pressure, sacrificing velocity.

308 Win TAP: Ammunition specifically developed for the police marksman who requires the increased bullet weight and barrier penetration of the 308 Win cartridge. Hornady Match Grade TAP 308 Win loads offer reliable functioning and consistent performance that delivers when it counts. With a low muzzle signature and superior terminal performance, these loads provide a low risk of over-penetration due to enhanced expansion characteristics after target engagement. The polymer tips have high ballistic coefficients, making them an excellent choice for SWAT precision marksmen.

Remington Ammunition

Golden Sabre HPJ (High Performance Jacket): The streets have never been tougher. Your job has never been more demanding or more dangerous. That's why carries the ultimate in handgun ammunition from Remington.

At the heart of Golden Saber HPJ is a high-performance hollow point bullet with a jacket made entirely of cartridge brass that releases energy over a longer distance. And, unlike conventional hollow point bullets, the jacket is nose cut completely through, promoting controlled expansion to well over 1.5 times the bullet's original diameter. The nose cuts, configured in a new, patented spiral pattern, produce larger petals and reduce the nose cavity for optimized performance.

In addition, all Golden Saber HPJ also features Remington’s industry-exclusive Driving Band. It locks the lead core to the jacket and reduces rifling contact friction for optimum muzzle velocity. Reduced bullet nose diameter allows for precise bore alignment, producing match-grade accuracy not usually found with hollow point ammunition.

Designed to meet U.S. federal law enforcement standards, Golden Saber HPJ is the high performance ammunition you've been waiting for. Available in .380, 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, it's ready to meet your toughest real-world evaluation.


The Enhanced Force on Force rounds are state-of-the-art. The marker rounds boast superior performance, distinct marking and reliable ballistics. These loads are designed to be shot at soft tissue for the ultimate in realism, and these rounds incur a pain penalty. Unlike other products on the market, these rounds are lead-free and thus safer for indoor use, environmentally friendly and prevent lead contamination and expensive cleanup. By eliminating the use of powder as a propellant the mess is reduced and there is significantly less barrel fouling. Since the marking agent never dries, making clothes washing and clean up effortless. Extended shelf life requires no special packaging and allows for bulk purchases that save your agency critical funding.

Call our Law Enforcement Specialists at today to get a quote or place an order. Call 800-852-6088 or 800-437-1801 and ask to speak to a Law Enforcement Specialist.

PLEASE NOTE: Manufacturer’s sales territories or contract restrictions may impact the availability and/or pricing available to you or your department. Our Law Enforcement Specialists will review your specific needs and situation.

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Elite Performance Centerfire Pistol Ammunition

Product From SIG SAUER Inc.

SIG SAUER Inc. introduced its Elite Performance Ammunition line – the company’s first-ever line of premium centerfire pistol ammunition. Designed specifically for personal defense, SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet – the SIG V-Crown Jacketed Hollow Point – for reliable expansion, round after round.

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Colt Ammunition

Product From Colt Defense LLC

Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, one of the world's leading designers, developers and manufacturers of firearms, has teamed up with Black Hills Ammunition to bring to market Colt-branded ammunition that is specifically tuned for Colt tactical and competition rifles.

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Civil Defense Ammunition Line (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto)

Product From Liberty Ammunition Inc.

Liberty Ammunition announced the Civil Defense line of superior personal defense ammunition for civilians and law enforcement personnel. Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto, Liberty’s high-performance ammunition has twice the effective range of standard ammo, provides up to 16% less felt recoil and considerably less weight in loaded magazines.

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.300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action

Product From RUAG Ammotec USA Inc.

RUAG's .300 Whisper weapon systems have been much appreciated by special units for the precise and quiet firing of shots in the urban environment for over twelve years. The exclusive European supplier of ammunition of this caliber offers even more with the new supersonic version .300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action. At an operative range of approximately 150 meters, special police and military units use the .300 Whisper primarily in urban areas against secondary targets such as alarm systems, fighting dogs or cameras. The deformation ammunition .300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action (HV=High Velocity) widens the application spectrum and provides highly precise hits also at 300 meters. The range of ammunition enables the shooter to move from subsonic to supersonic by a magazine change within seconds in order to remain efficient and convertible.

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Training Cartridges


Traditions Performance Firearms is pleased to introduce their new Training Cartridges for 2013.

Traditions Training Cartridges are the only training cartridges available that meet all SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute) specifications for dummy ammunition. The Training Cartridges are weighted like ammunition so when practicing, it feels just like the real thing. These training cartridges are perfect for function testing, dry-fire practicing, malfunction drills, teaching aids, and more!

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Game Face Airsoft - Sharpshooter Ammo

Product From Crosman Corp.

Game Face Airsoft, a division of Crosman Corporation introduced the new Game Face Airsoft Sharpshooter rifle, a new spring-powered, single-shot airsoft rifle, and new Sharpshooter ammo. Both are designed for long range airsoft targets.

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EMCON (Emissions Control) Ammunition

Product From HPR (High Precision Range) Ammunition

HPR (High Precision Range) has introduced their EMCON (Emissions Control) Ammo and EMCON is available in several key merchant accounts.

The HPR EMCON (em-kon) ammunition is designed specifically for use in suppressed applications. Just like a suppressor, EMCON ammo helps you achieve Emissions Control by further dropping the decibels beyond the industry norm. HPR’s HyperClean technology uses clean burning powders and primers to extend the life between factory cleanings and reduces corrosion while maintaining accuracy. No matter what your mission is, leave the traditional SubSonic on the shelf - EMCON is the way to go when silence matters. 

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Tactical Grade Rounds

Product From ProGrade Ammunition

ProGrade Ammunition has created its Tactical Grade of rounds for law enforcement, S.W.A.T. or other tactical operators who cannot afford to settle for less than the absolute best. All seven calibers and 20 variations of ProGrade Tactical Grade loads have been selected for one purpose, and one purpose only: to deliver a deadly accurate, highly reliable, top quality round for any extreme situation.

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LT-223 .223 Training Cartridge

Product From LASERLYTE

LaserLyte announces the most highly anticipated addition to the LaserLyte family of laser training cartridges-- the LT-223, .223 Caliber Training Cartridge. The in-the-chamber design of the LT-223 allows the user to realistically train anywhere and practice tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills in the comfort of one’s own home. The LT-223 fits inside the cartridge chamber and features a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. A built-in snap cap protects the firing pin and O-rings hold the laser accurately in place allowing for repeated dry fire practice without compromising accuracy. The rim-less cartridge trainer also allows for constant racking without unintentional ejection.

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LTS Pro - LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer Pro

Product From LASERLYTE

This new laser trainer fits all of the most popular pistol calibers, mounts inside the barrel and has the sound activated switch showing bullet impact with a laser dot. Every time your hammer or striker fires the small laser dot will flash for 100 milli-seconds simulating bullet impact.

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