Rolling Ballistic Shield

Rolling Ballistic Shield

Rolling Ballistic Shield Product Image
  • This shield is 56 inches tall by 31 inches wide.
  • The armor window is 4 inches by 12 inches
  • Weighs just 68 pounds
  • The whole thing (base and shield separated) will fit into a patrol car's trunk.
  • Fits through a 36-inch door opening.
  • Available in either Level IIIa or Level III
  • Available in Spectra or Kevlar
The shield itself (50 inches tall by 31 inches wide) detaches easily from the base to become a hand-held shield weighing only 40 pounds.

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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C-1604 Shredder Rescue Tool Cutter

Product From POWER HAWK Technologies Inc.

POWER HAWK Technologies Inc.'s new C-1604 Shredder rescue tool cutter for motor vehicle accident emergency rescues slices through the high-strength construction materials that are used in today’s new cars and trucks. The Shredder cutter is a “plug and play” add-on to the POWER HAWK P-16 Rescue System, a patented battery-powered and gear-driven (non-hydraulic) rescue tool that provides unique interchangeable spreader and cutter attachments.

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Fast Release Tactical Shield

Product From Elite Sterling Security
  • Fast Release Tactical Shield
  • Special fully ballistic shield that deploys in seconds to offer superior protection.
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handle, very versatile with the ability to quickly use in any situation.
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Through-The-Wall (TTW) System

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

The Through-The-Wall (TTW) system was created specifically to support tactical missions and generate visual intelligence - as sensitive events are unfolding. Ideally suited for hostage/barricade scenarios, the TTW system also has value in support of breaching operations. It contains specially designed covert tools that allow observation into an adjacent interior room through a sheetrock wall. The TTW system can be applied when there are no other means available to visually assess a situation.

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S.O.B. Classroom Barrier

Product From Daw Technologies Ballistic Products

The S.O.B.Classroom Barrier from Daw Tech (patents pending) can best be described as a ballistic rated barrier-of-entry. Specifically tailored for schools,the Classroom Barrier is designed to fortify classroom door openings instantly, making each classroom a safe room. Once deployed the teacher and students are shielded against any visual or physical contact from outside the classroom, thus allowing law enforcement the necessary time to react to any threat. The barrier is comprised of an N.l.J.Level lllA ballistic panel (withstands multiple handgun & shotgun blasts) nestled in a steel frame. To barricade the door, the Classroom Barrier is simply slid across the opening.The Classroom Barrier automatically locks when slid into position. Various configurations are available to suit each condition.The Classroom barrier can be incorporated into new construction or retrofit existing schools.

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Zeus II Forced Entry Mitten

Product From PPSS Group

UK based PPSS Group have launched what they claim is the world’s toughest forced entry mitten.

The ‘ZEUS II’ mitten are a further improved and version of the original ZEUS mitten, now also featuring a very high level of flame and heat protection.

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ARMOR WALL Mobile Ballistic Barrier System

Product From Patriot3 Inc.

Patriot3's ARMOR WALL transportable perimeter wall system provides ballistic protection and complete versatility. Each section can be assembled in heights of 40-, 60- and 80 inches, assembled in minutes and disassembled for use elsewhere. They can stand alone or connect with other sections for different needs, including 360-degree protection. Available in NIJ Threat Levels III and IV. ARMOR WALL 3 weighs 160 pounds and the ARMOR WALL 4 weighs 290 pounds. Each section stores in its own rolling transport case. 

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Elevated Tactic System (ETS)

Product From Patriot3 Inc.

Multi-Level structures can present significant obstacles during special operations missions. This makes ETS a valuable card in your deck of tactics.

Patriot3’s ETS are used by the most elite tactical units in the world. In addition, Patriot3’s ETS is the only ramp system on the planet to have proven itself in a combat theater having spent 4 years in Iraq employed by US and Iraqi Special Forces.

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Active Shooter Kit

Product From Jersey Tactical Corp.

JTC's latest JTC-Active Shooter Kit was specifically developed to be deployed by patrol effectively for response to an active shooter. This kit consists of the JTC-CLAW, Sling Kit, and Vehicle Mount. This allows patrol to grab the award winning CLAW and a rifle to go direct threat to the emergency. The 10lb CLAW was specifically invented to be used by a novice no matter what their physical capabilities are, thus allowing them to effectively use the tool to open an inward or outward opening school. Each CLAW comes with a full set of FREE instructions on how to use the tool and complete the 20 plus uses safely. Couple this with the free videos on our homepage and your officers can learn how to breach doors effectively.

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Product From Point Blank Enterprises Inc.

Offered under our PARACLETE brand, the SPEED Plate provides undercover agents, who depend on readily available and adaptable protection, with the ultimate in lightweight armor protection against “exotic” rounds. Designed to be worn in the chest pocket of concealable vests, this multi-curve SPEED plate is ultra-thin and highly effective in helping to minimize blunt force trauma against a variety of rounds. Undercover agents typically wear their soft body armor when on duty, but they may have to respond to an active shooter situation that might involve rounds their armor isn't rated to stop. PARACLETE’s hard armor SPEED Plates easily fit inside the pocket of an officer’s carrier to offer protection against a variety of special threat rounds.

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