C4 Solutions - C4Harmony, C4Patrol, PLP-H

C4 Solutions - C4Harmony, C4Patrol, PLP-H

C4 Solutions - C4Harmony, C4Patrol, PLP-H Product Image

Trilogical Technologies, showcased a range of accurate, modular C4I solutions for defense, security, law enforcement, and first responders at Eurosatory, June 11-15, Paris.

Trilogical's solutions - incorporating advanced hardware and software - are comprised of a command & control platform (C4Harmony), integrated with field units that are placed on a person, vehicle, or asset that is being tracked. The company's defense solutions - which have all been extensively field-proven - include closed systems for small operating units or open systems that integrate with existing communications systems (e.g., the IDF's DAP -Digital Army Program).

The company highlighted two solutions for military and first responder applications - an advanced C4 Soldier System – PLP-H, and C4Patrol - a First Responder Vehicle Solution for the effective management of operations in the field.

Iridium-Based Soldier C4 Device (PLP-H) – Continuous visibility of soldier's location

Together with Gilat Satcom, Trilogical launched PLP-H - an advanced iridium-based Soldier C4 device for Search and Rescue operations. The PLP-H unit is a tracking, navigation, and communication device ensuring that field personnel always know their exact location, and that their exact location is always visible to the back-office, regardless of geographic location or communication constraints. The unit provides cutting-edge satellite and GPRS technology in addition to two-way messaging and navigation capabilities. Fast and accurate tracking is provided by iridium-based satellite and cellular communication, roaming between them to control expenses. The unit enables field personnel to call for assistance by activating a distress signal, transmit messages via encrypted two-way messaging, mark points of interest for later reference, and receive encrypted waypoints and routing instructions from the back-office.

The other highlighted solution was Trilogical's C4Patrol for First Responders. The solution is a comprehensive management tool that improves officer safety, helps resolve complaints, and preserves the chain of evidence. The advanced Control & Monitoring system for military and police patrols automates law enforcement fleets. Among its features are a smart army/police dispatching tool, an event/task-handling mechanism, video streaming in/out view, and automated reporting and analysis.

In both solutions, all the data collected from the outlying units is transmitted to the command & control center via flexible communications, covering a range of technologies, including cellular, satellite and wireless (VHF, Wi-Fi). 

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ScanStation P15 User-Friendly 3D Laser Scanning


Leica Geosystems has announced the launch of its latest versatile 3D laser scanner, the Leica ScanStation P15. Combining high performance scanning with a user-friendly interface, the Leica ScanStation P15 is the ideal entry into the world of 3D laser scanning.

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Altus Blue Force Tracking Application

Product From Polaris Wireless

High-accuracy wireless location is critical to the war on crime and terrorism. Forward-looking governments are utilizing next-generation technology and applications to monitor known targets and identify unknown suspects, predict their behavior, and prevent attacks before they take place.

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MicroTracker III Mini GPS Tracker

Product From CovertTrack Group Inc.

Introducing the MicroTracker III miniature GPS tracker! The new sleek black design is even smaller than before, and features a completely updated GPS module for superior sensitivity and the most accurate GPS tracking.  Its miniature size presents users with endless possibilities for concealment while tracking people, vehicles or assets. The MicroTracker III is loaded with an array of advanced tracking and reporting features, making it the smallest, most versatile tracker available!

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Shooter Location System - Android Smartphone

Product From Vanderbilt University - Institute of Software Integrated Systems

A team of computer engineers from Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Software Integrated Systems has developed an inexpensive hardware module and related software that can transform an Android smartphone into a simple shooter location system. They described the new system’s capabilities this month at the 12th Association for Computing Machinery/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks in Philadelphia.

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Easy LPR data sharing

Product From Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solutions, the leading license plate recognition (LPR) provider in North America, announces a new feature in the LEARN Enterprise LPR system. Hosted in a secure data center accessible only to law enforcement, LEARN offers unmatched LPR data sharing, data warehousing, and LPR-enabled investigational tools. LEARN now includes Stakeout, an advanced analytic tool leveraging the power of Vigilant’s shared network of over 1.2 billion license plate detections. Stakeout provides the ability to virtually stakeout a location of interest, and also map multiple locations of interest and identify license plates common to more than one location…providing investigative leads for potential witnesses and suspects in pattern or serial crimes.

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mSENTRY Mobile Security & Deterrence

Product From JetProtect Corp.

mSENTRY uses ground radar to monitor large outdoor areas and track moving objects.  The tactical software, Cortex, correlates radar targets to geo-zones that can initiate actions like pointing high zoom cameras at the intruder.  When deployed with a 4G LTE radio,

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GPS-511-NXQD Adapter for FleetSync and NEXEDGE

Product From Pryme Radio Products
  • The GPS-511-NX-QD has the same data format as Kenwood GPS Mics. It can be used with any mapping or tracking software system that supports Kenwood GPS Mics.
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2D Dot Label

Product From DYNAMIC SYSTEMS INC - Barcode Tracking Systems

Dynamic Systems, Inc.'s label, the 2D Dot, is used with the Checkmate Law Enforcement Equipment & Inventory Manger. This solution can be used by public safety agencies such as FBI, Corrections, Security, Sheriffs, Police, SWAT, Secret Service, Campus Security, or Airport Police.

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MapNimbus Online Mapping Solution


Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) welcomed Harnett County, N.C. to the community of MapNimbus users. MapNimbus an easy-to-use online mapping solution for the public that provides citizens with information on what is happening in their community. Harnett County is currently using MapNimbus to show crime and sex offender data.

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Domain Awareness System (DAS)


New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly announced a partnership with Microsoft Corp. designed to bring the latest crime prevention and counterterrorism technology capabilities to worldwide law enforcement, public safety and intelligence agencies, among others.

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