Portable IED Jamming System

Portable IED Jamming System

Portable IED Jamming System Product Image

Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) Ltd. launched a new, extremely small and accurate, low power portable jamming system, the C-Guard HHJ, at Eurosatory, Paris. The system prevents remote IED detonation while minimizing collateral interference.

Netline has developed a breakthrough technology - miniaturized jamming exciters. This new technology has enabled the creation of extremely small, lightweight, accurate jammers, such as the C-Guard HHJ and the PJP - Portable Jammer Pack that will also be highlighted at the show.

C-Guard HHJ

The company's C-Guard HHJ portable modular jamming system - based on this advance - is a handheld cellular and RF jamming system. Especially useful in urban scenarios where collateral jamming interference can be problematic, the C-Guard HHJ prevents remote IED detonation without flooding the area with high power jamming signals.

As a carry forward solution for EOD and combat personnel - including Special Forces, bomb squads, and SWAT teams - the lightweight C-Guard HHJ can be easily transported, either connected to a soldier's vest with clips, carried in a bomb disposal pouch, or installed on a robot - protecting human life and safeguarding forces in the field. The system blocks numerous cellular frequency bands, providing maximum total output of 6 W combined through a single antenna.

PJP- Portable Jammer Pack

Also based on the miniaturized jamming exciter technology, the PJP (Portable Jammer Pack) is a small, lightweight and low power jammer for indoor applications, designed for use in urban warfare & low intensity conflicts, EOD scenarios with robots, and robot-borne carry forward solutions. The toss-enabled solution minimizes collateral interference and provides efficient stand-in jamming. It has an omni-directional antenna and 5 frequency bands within 25-2500 MHz.

C-Guard ManPack

The C-Guard ManPack is a lightweight IED Man-Portable jamming system intended for hand/robot carry forward, backpack, or vehicle installed operations. The ManPack is designed for ground troops, SWAT teams, and bomb squads operating under risk of encountering remote control improvised explosive devices (RC-IEDs) in difficult terrain such as sand, forests, and urban environments. It is designed to block wireless communication and prevent remote activation of roadside bombs and IEDs. With customizable configuration, the C-Guard ManPack can block any frequency band required. Designed for rapid deployment and continuous portable operation, it is fully weatherproofed and combat ready, with a robust mechanical design, long mission-life rechargeable batteries, and comes with radiation protection accessories. It can be installed in a vehicle and powered by the vehicle's battery. Fully programmable, the jammer continuously tests itself and provides real-time reports.

C-Guard Slider

The C-Guard Slider is a modular IED jamming system that enables extreme EW adaptability in the war against terror. Based on open and flexible architecture, each module is a self-contained single band jammer. Easily programmed and upgradeable, the Slider allows very low MTTR and minimal downtime during repairs. Each module can function independently. The Remote Control Unit (RCU) can be installed next to the driver. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, the C-Guard Slider supports multiple jamming schemes, mission profiles, and operating modes.


The C-Guard TXP ECM is a lightweight, fully programmable, portable jamming system, designed for both military and homeland security markets. It jams all wireless communication devices, preventing remote activation of IEDs and thwarting unwanted wireless communications. Easily transported, it is housed in a ruggedized trolley-style pelican case which can be wheeled by one person or installed quickly in a vehicle. Supporting troops on the battlefield and anti-terror missions and bomb squads during EOD neutralizations, it can block any frequency band, continuously tests itself, and provides real-time reports. Available with different power levels, it can be connected to an external power source, a car battery, or use rechargeable batteries.

JET - Jamming Effectiveness Tester

Netline is one of the few companies in the world offering this type of jamming coverage tester. The Jamming Effectiveness Tester (JET) is a simple device that provides real-time indication of jamming coverage of all types of jamming systems - including sophisticated or legacy jammers, active or reactive jammers, in all frequency bands. The tester enables field personnel to know with certainty whether or not their jammer is performing and protecting the forces.  It also provides real-time indications regarding the maximum distances between vehicles in convoys that will ensure their staying within the protective jamming bubble.  


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V5LE Videoscope

Product From Instrument Technology Inc. (ITI)

Instrument Technology, Inc. (ITI) has announced the launch of its new V5LE videoscope which features non-­-conductive articulating fiberscopes, making it the only true non-­-conductive device in the industry. 

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The Waterwall - Suspicious Object Isolator (SOI)


CINTEC North America's Waterwall System is a series of water inflated, rapidly deployable, blast suppression devices designed to isolate or shield suspicious objects in order to protect both people and infrastructures.

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Golan 45 Explosive Containment Vessel

Product From Mistral Security, Member of Mistral Group

Mistral Security Inc.'s (MSI) newest explosive containment vessel product, the Golan 45, has received approval from the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB).

“The Golan 45 explosive containment vessel is another great addition to the Golan 5, 10 and 15 vessels already approved by the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board,” said Jack Yohe, Senior Vice President, Mistral Group. “This approval means that our products are continuously trusted to protect people, property and the environment from the potentially harmful effects of explosive devices.”

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VBIED Tool Kit

Product From Mistral Security, Member of Mistral Group

Mistral Security, Inc. (MSI) has recently unveiled its new VBIED Tool Kit to address the growing demand for a common set of efficient tools in order to allow deployment of bomb squad robots down-range to engage explosive and IED threats on vehicles while maintaining a safe, stand-off distance from the threat.

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TAC 6 Explosive Protection Suit

Product From Med-Eng, a part of The Safariland Group

The Med-Eng brand announced that its new multi-mission TAC 6 suit and visor ensemble for tactical officers at the 2014 SHOT Show. This high-mobility protective equipment addresses the increasing threats posed by explosive devices during operations.  Frontline personnel including

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TraceX Explosives Kit


Morphix Technologies, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, announces a new solution for the detection of homemade explosive material with the TraceX Explosives Kit

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TSWG IED Instant Notification App (INS) Bomb Squad App

Product From Applied Research Associates Inc. (ARA)

The TSWG IED Instant Notification App (INS) is now available free to all Unites States bomb technicians. The App designed by the Force Protection product group of Applied Research Associates, provides a way for bomb technicians responding to a suspect device or vehicle to share relevant information with fellow bomb squads while en-route or at the incident site. Information can be updated with a few clicks on a smartphone dropdown menu upon resolution of the incident or during ongoing investigations. The launch of this App represents the first time in the history of U.S. bomb disposal that bomb technicians have been able to share threat, incident, and device information instantaneously.

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Drug and Explosive Test Kits

Product From Mistral Security, Member of Mistral Group

Mistral Group displayed various drug and explosives identification kits at LAAD 2013.

Through a Mistral Group subsidiary, Mistral Detection, various drug detection and identification kits were highlighted including aerosol and Pentest capable of identifying over 20 various drug types or other illicit substances. Mistral’s kits can detect drug residues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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Bearcat EOD "BombCat" Armored Response Vehicle

Product From Lenco Armored Vehicles

Lenco Industries, Inc. introduced the BearCat EOD “BombCat” armored response vehicle for EOD and IEDD first responders. Designed with input from veteran explosive ordinance disposal experts with decades of field experience and knowledge, the BombCat offers superior functionality in addition to the proven life-saving protection of Lenco’s armored vehicles. 

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Semi Autonomous Pipe Bomb End-cap Remover (SAPBER)

Product From Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) new low-cost device for dismantling dangerous pipe bombs may look like a tinkerer’s project, but that’s no accident. The Semi Autonomous Pipe Bomb End-cap Remover (SAPBER) is unassuming in appearance, but sophisticated enough to preserve the forensic evidence needed to track down the perpetrator.

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