PA300-CN Siren Controller

PA300-CN Siren Controller

PA300-CN Siren Controller Product Image

Federal Signal’s PA300-CN is a versatile light and siren controller that is affordably priced. The PA300-CN controller utilizes the SmartSiren controller — one of the most recognized control head in the law enforcement industry. This electronic siren offers the standard siren tones (Wail, Yelp, Priority, Air Horn and Manual) with several additional features such as horn ring transfer, radio and PA rebroadcast.

Unlike traditional wired systems, the PA300-CN provides ease of installation and
programming with FS Convergence Network capability. 

For law enforcement agencies that want a versatile siren and light controller that is easy to install and affordably-priced, the PA300-CN from Federal Signal is the ideal solution.

  • Affordable 100/200 watt siren with lighting control
  • PA300 Siren tones: Wail, Yelp, Priority, Air Horn and Manual
  • FS Convergence Network compatible for 'plug-n-play' installation

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Sprinter Siren

Product From CODE 3 Inc.

Code 3, Inc. introduced the Sprinter Siren, featuring a pocket sized control head that can be easily mounted where space is limited. The Sprinter control head is ergonomically designed and easy to use, especially in “quick-response” situations. The backlit control head allows the officer to easily select the light and siren functions.

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SmartSiren Platinum Siren

Product From Federal Signal Corp.

Federal Signal’s SmartSiren Platinum consists of a rugged, designed light and siren control head, re-defined amplifier relay unit and the exclusive FS Convergence Network for quick, easy “plug-and-play” serial communication.

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Code 3: Product Availability

Product From OFFICERSTORE.COM has expanded their Code 3 choices with the addition of 13 new products. Included are 4 series of Interior lighting solutions, 5 series of Exterior lighting solutions and 2 Siren Systems. The lighting units incorporate highly advanced LEDs, dozens of selectable flash patterns and multiple mounting options. The sirens are part of the Code 3 Sound-Based Systems designed for law enforcement use as well as other emergency vehicles.

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SC-411 Elite Force


Carson Sirens' SC-411 Elite Force siren series features the new QuickClone duplication technology making it an easy and ideal application for fleets. Select between the remote dualtone model, requiring 2 speakers, or the 100/200 watt single tone remote unit. Don’t be fooled, this series is small in size, but large on functionality.

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Police Siren Kit


The Modular 115 db Siren can be added to any existing dual or single beam NiteRider lighting system, or it can be purchased as a handlebar mounted unit. It features a Hi/Lo sound pattern, handlebar mounted remote switch and its powered by a 9V battery (included).

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The Rockwell Collins iForce design integrates radio, electronics and computer functions into a single user-friendly system that answers an officer's on-scene needs for communication, control and security while enhancing situational awareness. The design leverages the company's expertise in providing ruggedized, highly reliable integrated electronics and communications solutions for military vehicles and aircraft.

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We sell & install equipment for emergency vehicles.  Shop online for Streamlight, Pelican, Whelen, Sho-Me, Progard, Reconditioned Ford Police Intereptors & more.

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Vehicle Lighting, Partitions, Bumper Grill Guards, Sirens, Radios, Antennas, Vehicle Tracking, Computer Mounting Solutions, Consoles, Spot Lights, Backup Alarms, Video Systems, and much more.

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H2Covert Hand-Held Siren

Product From CODE 3 Inc.

The Code 3 H2Covert hand-held remote siren system provides easy-to-operate handheld controlling.

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DynaMax Speaker


Available through Emergency Vehicle Supply, Federal Signal's DynaMax Speaker has been given a power boost with its Federal Signal Neo driver. The DynaMax ES100 replaces the DynaMax MS100. Designed for increased performance and reliability, Federal Signal's shielded high-end neodymium driver has already been proven successful in several of their high performance speaker models including the AS124, BP series, and TS100 models. The larger diaphragm of the ES100 allows the speaker to capture lower frequency ranges for a more robust sound. By combining high performance output with its ease-of-use, the DynaMax accommodates a wide menu of applications. Emergency drivers of any type of vehicle can appreciate how easy it is to install and maintain this slim, lightweight speaker. The DynaMax speaker can be used on large apparatus, ambulances, law enforcement vehicles, and command fleets. The ES100 mounts easily into grille, flush between the bumper and hose tray of large apparatus and to most vehicle bumpers. Bracket kits are available for most vehicles, motorcycles and ATV's.

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