Kona Patrol Bike 29er

Kona Patrol Bike 29er

Kona Patrol Bike 29er Product Image

Built with the same hand-crafted power and excellence law enforcement come to expect from Safariland's legacy law enforcement and security products, the Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike delivers customized superiority for optimum performance.

Safariland teamed with Kona, one of the world's most reputable bicycle manufacturers, to create the all-terrain Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike, ushering in a new era in high performance police bicycles.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated rear rack for superior payload strength
  • Shimano 30-speed drive train to handle all types of terrain
  • Internal cabling systems for non-obstructive riding
  • Ergonomic grips for added comfort
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for additional stopping power
  • RockShox high-performance forks
  • Frame designed with heavy duty kick stand
  • Tapered oversized headtube for improved stability, durability and overall riding performance
  • Sloping tube with padding for more stand over clearance and comfort – ideal for long shifts
  • 7005 aluminum tubing shape and wall thickness for extra performance and durability
  • 29-inch wheels add stability and confidence and make it easy to roll over small obstacles such as stairs
  • 26-inch wheel size available

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NiteRider Light Systems

Product From Safariland/Kona Patrol Bikes, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland Patrol Bikes announced the addition of three new patrol bike light combinations for its Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike line through its new partnership with NiteRider, an industry-leading light manufacturer.  The three new light systems are the NiteRider Patrol Light and Siren, the NiteRider Lumina and Mako Systems.  All three packages offer a powerful high-performance light and are quick and easy to install. 

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TKL Trackr GPS Satellite Tracking System for Weapons and Accessories

Product From TKL Tactical

TKL Tactical introduces the TKL Trackr  the only GPS Satellite tracking system for your weapons and accessories.

·         Keep Trackr of your Weapons! The TKL Trackr GPS Satellite locating system with our Pro-Form M4 case to offers the most advanced protection and locating of any weapon or equipment with a system that is on call 24/7.

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Half-Finger Special Unit Bike Glove (Model SUBH100)

Product From Hatch, a part of The Safariland Group

HATCH announced the introduction of the Model SUBH100 Half-Finger Special Unit Bike Glove, designed specifically for bike patrol officers looking for greater dexterity of motion in the fingers while on patrol. Engineered with advanced materials to provide a glove that is both durable and comfortable for all-day bike patrol, this Special Unit Bike Glove features closed-cell foam in the palm area to help reduce fatigue and stress on the hand.

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Bike Chain Lube

Product From Break-Free, a part of The Safariland Group

Break Free announced that the Bike Chain Lube, a high-performance lubricant for bicycles or any chain-driven equipment, is now available with a needle-style applicator. Utilizing the most advanced lubrication technology, Chain Lube overcomes friction and wear in the most demanding and adverse conditions. Break Free Chain Lube is among several new products introduced as part of the new Safariland Patrol Bike product line.

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Hatch Special Unit Bike Patrol Glove (Model SUB100)

Product From Hatch, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland introduced its Hatch Special Unit Bike patrol glove. The Model SUB100 Patrol Glove is engineered with advanced materials to be both durable and comfortable for all-day bike patrol.

The Hatch Special Unit Bike glove features both 3D mesh spacer fabric and Airprene foam on the back of the hands to protect against impact. Further, Airprene allows skin to breathe while moisture is released through the fabric eliminating heat discomfort when wearing protective gloves for a long period of time. To help reduce fatigue and pressure on the hands, closed-cell foam is strategically placed in the specific areas on the palm. This helps relieve the stress that can occur from long hours on the handle bar and grips when on bicycle patrol. 

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BandZorb Disposable Headwear Liners

Product From BANDZORB

The BandZorb disposable headwear liners are the world's first self-adhesive, super absorbent, eco-friendly, antimicrobial product to keep sweat out of eyes and to keep headwear drier. It's easy to use; just peel and stick, work or play, and toss away. This product helps keep sweat out of an officer's eyes when he/she needs to focus on a tactical situation. It makes headwear more comfortable because there is 100 percent cotton against the skin. So it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Expensive headwear lasts longer, is more comfortable, and more hygenic when multiple officers wear the same headwear repeatedly.

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Carbon Comfort - Storm Quest Saddle


RideOut Technologies' Storm Quest Saddle has been designed exclusively for police, campus patrols and airport security applications. It is the latest addition to the Carbon Comfort line of innovative bicycle saddles. Following the same tried and true tradition of the Carbon Comfort seat, the Storm Quest Saddle is optimized for the officer that lives on his or her bicycle.

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Carbon Comfort Line


The Carbon Comfort bike by RideOut Technologies features:

  • A unisex design, which supports the sit bones of men and women, and distributes weight more evenly over a greater area.
  • An infused carbon-fiber base plate that offer road-shock absorption and flexes to fit the rider.
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FirstVu Evidentiary Wearable/Mountable Video System

Product From Digital Ally Inc.

The Digital Ally FirstVu compact digital video/audio recorder and photographic camera now features an even stronger and lighter design as well as a new wider angle lens. The new design reduces the weight of the unit by 17 percent and the new lens captures an impressive 133-degrees field of view to help remove the need to aim the camera.

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LED Police Cycle Gloves


The increasing number of police officers and state troopers being hit or killed by motorists while standing on the side of the road or directing traffic has propelled Brite-Strike, the leading provider of tactical flashlights for law enforcement and military, to launch reflective LED Police Cycle Gloves. These illuminating gloves blink red and blue lights so police officers in the middle of the road can be seen from up to a quarter mile away.

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