DWI Smartphone App (Apple & Android)

DWI Smartphone App (Apple & Android)

DWI Smartphone App (Apple & Android) Product Image

With many states implementing strengthened DWI/DUI laws in 2012, Smart Start, Inc. expects to see a nationwide increase in enrollment in its ignition interlock and IN-HOM alcohol monitoring systems. To provide easier access to enrollment information, Smart Start has developed and launched a new free smart phone app that is available for download via the iTunes store and the Android Market. The Smart Start app delivers product information, device training, a location finder using Google Maps, a BrAC calculator, as well as product and enrollment information. 

Smart Start has seen an increased demand nationwide in its alcohol monitoring devices as a result of states implementing new ignition interlock legislation. Recent studies and reports, such as those published last month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), prove that state laws requiring alcohol interlock device installation in the cars of those convicted of DUI are very successful in reducing repeat offenders. Seventeen states now require people convicted of driving with blood-alcohol levels over the 0.08 legal limit to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in their vehicles.  Ignition interlocks require drivers to blow into a device to verify that they are sober before the car can start.

Smart Start’s new smartphone app is a resource for drivers who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), have a licensing requirement, have been court ordered to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicle, or have been mandated to use a home alcohol monitoring system as a condition of their supervision.

With this new Smart Start app, anyone now has easy access to enrollment, device information, training videos and 1,000+ Smart Start service center locations nationwide from an iOs or Android smart phone.  The app provides direct access to Smart Start’s 24/7 bilingual customer service center, as well as video instruction on the proper use of Smart Start’s alcohol monitoring products.  The app’s BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) calculator provides users an understanding of how alcohol consumption, time, weight, and gender affect BAC (blood alcohol content) levels.

Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent a car from starting if a driver who blows into it has a (BrAC) level above a certain level, which in many states is .02.  An optional camera and/or GPS tracking are available with the Smart Start ignition interlock systems, should the monitoring authorities deem it necessary. Smart Start also recently introduced a portable, non-vehicle-based breath alcohol monitoring system, the Smart Start IN-HOM device, which is used to monitor offenders’ blood alcohol levels throughout the day via up to 10 programmable test windows / periods.  Smart Start’s ignition interlock and IN-HOM devices offer judges, probation officers, private probation companies, attorneys and corrections agencies an affordable alternative to transdermal monitoring or imprisonment. 

Smart Start’s new smart phone app was designed and created in house, and although it is now only available for download via iOs on the Iphone, iPad or iPod Touch, or via the Android market, Smart Start expects to soon make the app available to Blackberry and Windows users.  Download the app through the iTunes App Store here.

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