Code 3: Product Availability

Code 3: Product Availability

Code 3: Product Availability Product Image has expanded their Code 3 choices with the addition of 13 new products. Included are 4 series of Interior lighting solutions, 5 series of Exterior lighting solutions and 2 Siren Systems. The lighting units incorporate highly advanced LEDs, dozens of selectable flash patterns and multiple mounting options. The sirens are part of the Code 3 Sound-Based Systems designed for law enforcement use as well as other emergency vehicles.

Siren Systems

The RLS Remote Lighted Siren along with the H2 Covert Remote Siren System feature instant on and horn ring transfer as well as a noise cancelling microphone and siren park kill. The RLS packs all the best Code 3 siren features into a small and efficient control head with six siren tones. The H2 Covert Remote Siren System features an easy to operate hand-held controller and eight siren tones. The remote hand-held controller allows the amplifier to be installed out of the way, leaving room for more vital equipment.

Intrepid and Essex Series Interior Lights

The extraordinary visibility and performance of both TriCore light heads and Torus LED technology create signals that can be seen at far greater distances than any other current lighting technology. New flared visor allows a much greater off-angle light signal, particularly useful when approaching intersections. Both series also offer multiple mounting options including rear deck bracket or windshield visor/suction cup. New locking swivel feature allows universal mounting to fit to the curve of any windshield. Both series come with a 5-year Warranty on the LEDs.

Intrepid Series:

  • Red, Blue, Amber, or White LED light heads Available
  • Split Color Combinations: Blue/Red, White/Red, and Blue/White
  • 40 User Selectable Flash Patterns

Essex Series:

  • 2 Sizes Available: Single and Dual Head
  • Split Colors: Red/Blue, Blue/White*, and Red/White. (* Call for Availability)
  • 27 User Selectable Flash Patterns for Single Head, 53 for Dual

Additional lighting offerings include the PAR36 Fog Light with improved LEDs. This unit easily installs into existing fog light positions in the front of Dodge Chargers and Chevy Tahoes. These units draw less than 0.9 Amp and come with a 5-Year Warranty. These are an ideal way to add visibility and yet retain the look of your vehicle.

The XT302 and XT304 make up part of the most extensive lighting system for motorcycles that Code 3 has ever offered. The XT302 Dual Head units and the XT304 Quad Head units are ideal for radio box installation on the rear or sides. Additionally the can be flush mounted on side guards. The T-Rex Series lights are compact, wide angle lights with 27 user selectable flash patterns and synchronous capability.

The latest in the XT3 line provide bright directional optic LEDs designed for auxiliary or secondary warning lights. They have 32 selectable patterns; operate with existing standard toggle switches or with switch panel (Included) and a 5-Year Warranty on the LEDs.

The 8 Head NarrowStik Warning Light provides high performance in compact sizes. Come with clear lens and Blue/Blue, Red/Blue, or Red/Red LED’s. The unit has a shock and water resistant potted circuit board. It is 28.6" in length, comes with 90 degree mounting and a black bezel standard.

The 8 Head NarrowStik Warning Light in Amber is an ideal traffic directing signal with 32 selectable patterns. It is 12/24 Volt compatible and features clear lens with bright directional optic LED’s. Shock resistant and weather protected for exterior and interior use and available in either 28.6" or 47” lengths.

The Code 3 line of lighting and sound-based warning devices and accessories includes lightbars, LED, strobe and halogen beacons, interior package lighting, including the XT4 Series of Exterior lights in Single 4-LED split lighthead and the Dual 4-LED split lightheads. Log onto today and learn about more Code 3 options available to you.


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Commander I Motorcycle

Product From Victory Police Motorcycles
  • Victory Freedom 106 CI 6 speed. Largest Displacement in the Law Enforcement class
  • Single point drain/service for the quickest maintenance available
  • Electronic Fuel Injection with Dual 45mm throttle body
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LR Series - Push Bumpers for Whelen LINZ6 Lights

Product From Go Rhino! Products Public Safety Division

GO RHINO! Products are NOW SHIPPING two new "LR Series" Push Bumpers for use with the Whelen LINZ6 lights. A new two light version is now available for the 2012 - 2014 Ford SUV Interceptor (Explorer), and a new four light version is available for the 2011 - 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit.

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Empluse LE - Electric Traffic Enforcement Motorcycle

Product From Brammo Inc.

The Empulse LE is ideal for deployments where the low sound profile is important, whether it be for tactical or customer service considerations. The lack of emissions allows for the Empulse LE to be used both for outdoor and indoor assignments and in sensitive environments. With a top speed of over 105 mph and a range of 120 miles, the 

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3 Day Evaluations for Police Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies


Zero Motorcycles announced a new program to support law enforcement agencies. In response to growing interest and demand from police departments, Zero is offering 100% electric patrol motorcycles for a

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Whelen Rota-Beam Series Super-LED Rotating Light


Adamson Industries Corp. announced a new product from Whelen Engineering, the 600 Series Surface Mount Rota- Beam. A Super-LED rotating light with no moving parts. 

The Rota-Beam Series features 180 degree horizontal light spread, 14 Scan-Lock flash patterns and is 100% solid state. This mid-sized surface mount lighthead with wide angle LEDs that include redesigned spreader optic lenses, fill the lighthead evenly with light, rivaling strobe in intensity but with all the advantages of LED. The Rota-Beam Series surface mount light is moisture and vibration resistant, SAE Class 1 Certified and the lenses are hard coated to resist scratches, salt or chemical damage and UV degradation. Specs include a low current draw of 2.2 Amps, dimensions: 4-3/16" H x 6-9/16" L x 3- 7/16" D and a five year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.

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LED Lighting - Universal Push Bumpers


Pro-gard Products, LLC, increased the Integrated LED Lighting options on their Universal Sedan and SUV Push Bumpers. Pro-gard is now offering the heavy duty ION LEDs as an integrated lighting option on their Universal Sedan and SUV Push Bumpers. There is a two LED option available on the Universal Sedan Push Bumpers. The Universal SUV Push Bumpers offer the choice of two or four LEDs. 

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Feniex Industries - Cannon Hide-A-Way LED


Adamson Industries Corp., a leading provider of public safety vehicle equipment and installation services is pleased to announce a new product from Feniex Industries, the Cannon® Hide-A-Way.  Encased in a clear, weatherproof cap lie 12 exceptionally bright 4-watt LEDs, allowing for paramount, unobstructed 360 degree lighting.

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ION V Series Super-LED

Product From Whelen Engineering Co. Inc.

Kicking it up a notch from the versatile V-Series is a feat only Whelen could achieve!  Now you can add the ION Super-LED superior, compact lighting performance in a housing that stands alone OR choose the SideKick fender housing for the Police Interceptor and Chevy Caprice Police Models!  Expect even more performance, more features, more intersection warning!

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Zero SR


Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced its 2014 model line which features a new Z-Force Power Tank accessory that allows riders to travel up to 171 miles in the city or 88 miles on the highway. Providing customers with the unique ability to increase energy storage capacity during or after purchase, the Power Tank can be added to any 2014 Zero S or Zero DS model. The company also announced a new “R” configuration of their award winning Zero S model that offers riders 56% higher torque and 24% more power. Available in a new deep red color, the Zero SR offers riders 106 ft-lbs of torque through a wide power band and does 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds using Zero’s highly efficient direct drive system. The Zero SR, as well as the entire lineup, includes improved suspension, well-integrated new design elements and a sleek new dash.

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SoundOff Signal - nLINE Running Light


Adamson Industries Corp., a leading provider of public safety vehicle equipment and installation services is pleased to announce a new product from SoundOff Signal, the nLINE Running Light. An extremely compact and versatile solution that brings added lighting conspicuity to emergency and amber vehicles. 

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